Pansion Berlin

Pansion Berlin

Pansion Berlin

We are a Activities Hotel. Anyone who makes a trip to Berlin often looks for a Berlin guesthouse. Of course there is, but the Ootel is definitely the right place here. A pension is still associated with a Berlin house where accommodation is not so expensive. In the past, the pensions were often run by private individuals, which is rarely the case today.

Pension or hotel in Berlin

The Ootel guarantees a cozy atmosphere here, although the rooms are of course still the most important. But the Ootel is not just a hotel, it also offers an overnight stay for people who want to spend less money on a bed or room. That is the charm of this house, although there are still a few amenities. If you want to get an overview, you can do so on the website So everyone gets a glimpse of the room and can choose the right bed. Thanks to the Internet, you can do what was previously impossible. Everyone had to trust the photos that were in a brochure. Unfortunately, disappointments were inevitable, which is no longer the case today. Today this also means that something needs to be replaced more often. This is the only way all guests can feel comfortable, regardless of whether it is in a hotel or hostel.

Comfort and convenience

The staff is happy to take care of the guests so that they feel really comfortable. The staff is always there for the guests, no matter when they arrive. This is also very different from the way it is in other houses. This is where the Ootel makes the difference, with even more differences. Many older people love taking a bus tour with a group. Then, of course, the right accommodation has to be found, where everyone can spend a good night. The Ootel is just as suitable for this as it is for a group of women who get their own room here. Older guests in particular not only feel comfortable in the hotel, but also in the hostel. Even if the house does not have an elevator, all guests could easily reach their rooms. The breakfast the next morning made up for the missing elevator, even if this is not included in the price for hostel guests. So that everyone can afford such a breakfast, the price was carefully considered. Simply book and then let yourself be pampered for breakfast, which almost all guests like to do.

Children are sure to sleep well here

Family-friendly is not only in advertising here, but is also implemented. There are extra rooms where all guests feel comfortable. Young guests have breakfast with their parents, which is not available in every hotel. The Ootel takes care of all guests, large and small. Getting there is also easy, and it doesn’t matter whether someone comes by bus, car or public transport. A parking lot ensures that a car is well accommodated here. In the same way, a playground ensures that the little guests can play quietly. So they are tired and sleep even better in their own bed. Those who cannot sleep at night are welcome to visit the in-house bar. So every guest is catered for so that everyone feels really comfortable. Women can have a quiet and safe night at the hostel without a man bothering them. There is a bathroom in all rooms in the hostel, which is unusual for a hostel. Nothing reminds of a youth hostel here, but rather of a hotel. That was exactly what was wanted, but this concept has not yet been copied. A house with different possibilities how someone can spend a good night. Inexpensive and always good.