Discover the Rich History of Pankow

Pankow, a district located in the northeast of Berlin, has a fascinating history that stretches back centuries. The area was first settled in the 13th century and played a significant role in the development of the city. Its strategic location, lush landscapes, and proximity to several rivers have attracted settlers and invaders alike throughout history.

During the Middle Ages, Pankow was a rural area characterized by small villages and agricultural lands. However, it began to experience significant growth and urbanization during the 19th century. The industrial revolution brought new opportunities, and Pankow saw the establishment of factories and the construction of housing for workers. The district became known for its bustling markets, lively streets, and vibrant atmosphere.

Following the division of Berlin after World War II, Pankow found itself on the eastern side, under Soviet control. The district became an important center for the government and administrative activities of East Germany. Many historical landmarks, such as the Schönhausen Palace and the Majakowskiring neighborhood, reflect this era.

Today, Pankow is a thriving district with a mix of residential areas, commercial zones, and cultural attractions. Its diverse neighborhoods attract artists, families, and professionals alike. Visitors can explore the charming streets of Prenzlauer Berg, enjoy the green spaces of Weissensee, or immerse themselves in the artistic scene of the KulturBrauerei.

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