Youth Hostel in Berlin

Youth Hostel in Berlin

More and more popular with national and international guests is the overnight stay in a youth hostel in Berlin, the capital of our country.

It is easy to explain why the choice for accommodation in a youth hostel, youth hostel or youthhostel is ever increasing, because the offers in this branch of the industry are constantly increasing.

This of course benefits the guests.
Also we at want to offer our guests the accommodation they wish and at the same time be cheap.

A well-defined demarcation between the different possibilities becomes more and more difficult, because many things mix. That’s why we decided from the beginning to give our guests a choice of choices.

Traditionally, the hostel, youth hostel and Youthhostel were actually only for young people, youth groups, school classes and young backpackers.

At the same time, however, the offer also includes hotel-like rooms, which are comparable to the rooms in a simple hotel. And in our furnished and unfurnished apartments you will find another way to spend a stay in Berlin.

We claim to be a “cheap youth hostel in Berlin”, which means “cheap hostel”, because our nights are cheap. However, this is not to be noted in our hostel atmosphere: apart from the prices nothing is “cheap” with us.

The decor is high quality and modern. The decor and interior design of our hostel, from the lobby to each room, is tasteful and cozy.

The rooms are newly renovated and bright. The bathrooms in the rooms are simple and modern, the beds comfortable.

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