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youth hostel
youth hostel

A youth hostel is strictly speaking a brand name for the guest accommodation of the German youth hostel, abbreviated DJH. Only members can stay here. The youth hostels were originally built in the first decade of the twentieth century to provide disadvantaged, socially disadvantaged children, young people and young people from large cities with a rural holiday.

These accommodations were charitable and therefore very reasonably priced. From the 1960s, the term youth hostel gradually established itself around the world in the English form Youth Hostel, each belonging to a national association. Most of these accommodations appeal to youth groups and young backpackers. Our ootel in Berlin is a lot cheaper and belongs to any umbrella organization or organization. That’s why we call ourselves neither Youth Hostel, nor Youth Hostel, but simply hostel. Every guest is welcome, whether young or old, whether you are a backpacker or a businessman. And they do not have to agree on membership with us either. Just drop by and let us convince you at

(This is information about hotels in Berlin)

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