Where can I spend a cheap night in Berlin?
The city of Berlin
Germany’s capital Berlin offers numerous possibilities in the form of sights and restaurants for tourists. So this city is a worth seeing place, as it has a lot to offer. A problem here is often the high price of the hotels, as the average price for hotels in Berlin for one night to more than 100 euros and this is too expensive for many people along with travel and the cost of the attractions and eventual restaurant visit.

The hotel and hostel Ootel.co
A variant to be able to start the journey, however, is the Hotel Ootel.co, because it offers very reasonable prices per night on different terms. The hotel is located near the Mahrzahner Chaussee and is only a few minutes walk from the S-Bahn station S Springpfuhl. Even grocery shopping are possible through the nearby discounters Aldi and Lidl well. The hotel is located generally in the west of the city center, but is also not far away and therefore has a pleasant location, as it is located in the district Lichtenberg. The hotel offers service not only in German, but also in English, French, Greek and Turkish and is modernly furnished.

Room types of the hotel
The hotel offers all kinds of rooms, so everyone will find a suitable room. On the one hand double rooms are offered, whereby one double room per night costs from 39 € and there is either a double bed or two separate beds. The price includes free WiFi, breakfast and a bath. On the other hand, there are also single rooms to book, which are possible from 29 € and not only include breakfast, free WiFi and a bathroom, but also with a TV, bed linen and Internet are equipped. In addition, multi-bed rooms are offered, which cost from 19 € per night and are ideal for school class, many people and groups. Here are bath, breakfast and WiFi also included. All rooms are furnished in a modern way and it is always trying to respond to the wishes of the customers, so that they are satisfied.
Other offers in the hotel
The hotel also offers numerous rooms, which can be rented and used by the customers. This will soon include the lobby, which can also be booked for meetings and events. But can also be booked whole apartments. The restaurant is open 24 hours and can be visited by any customer. This also applies to the lobby and bar of the hotel.

The types of payment options
With this hotel it is so, that only paid, when broken up again, so not before the arrival, but shortly before the departure. This is possible with Pay Pal, Sofort Visa and with a Maestro Card, so it works by card payment.

Transportation options
The hotel is not only easily accessible by public transport, but also offers parking in front of the hotel, where hotel guests can park their vehicles. The use of the car park is included in the total price for customers of the hotel.

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