Was bietet Ihnen der Bundeshauptstadt Berlin an?

Was bietet Ihnen der Bundeshauptstadt Berlin an?

The fascinating federal capital Berlin offers countless sights that should be explored when visiting the city. For visiting Berlin, you can now book cheap rooms on Ootel that are centrally located and are ideal as a location for various excursions. Before you travel, it’s worth checking out the website and saving money when booking your room. Then nothing stands in the way of exploring the city.

Berlin Mitte – cradle of culture

Berlin Mitte is the first administrative district of Berlin and is the seat of many state and federal institutions. Politics, culture and business find their field of activity in Berlin Mitte and the district is like the heart of the city today. Many of Berlin’s sights are in the district and you should take your time to enjoy the vibrant life on the streets and squares. Above all, of course, is the mighty Brandenburg Gate, which today symbolizes Germany’s unity. The building from 1788 is considered the most beautiful example of German classicism. From there you can stroll along the boulevard “Unter den Linden”, which leads past Humboldt University and the State Opera. Finally you get to the Museum Island, where the Pergamon Museum, Bode Museum, Old and New Museum invite you to visit. From there you can walk to Alexanderplatz in Berlin Mitte, which with its radio tower to the emblematic sights of the City belongs. From the viewing platform of the radio tower you can enjoy an excellent panoramic view of Berlin, which allows you to get a bird’s eye view.

Neukölln – The party district of Berlin

Neukölln is the northernmost district of Berlin and also has the densest buildings. Once a problematic area, Neukölln has now turned into a hip trendy district with an up-and-coming cultural scene that you simply have to get to know when you visit Berlin. The Weserstrasse in Neukölln, where one pub is lined up after the other, is ideal for a stroll around the pub. Young visitors to the capital are particularly drawn to this quarter, enjoying the light-heartedness for which the district has made a name today. But there are also other sights worth visiting. For example, you can visit Gropiusstadt and the horseshoe settlement. They represent unusual forms of settlement that emerged in Berlin in the course of the 20th century to create living space. The smithy on Richardplatz is reminiscent of the old history of Berlin. It dates from 1624 and is still in use as a blacksmith.

Pankow: Between trendy districts and cultural monuments

Pankow is a district in the northeast of Berlin that is made up of different quarters that symbolize Berlin’s cultural diversity. The trendy district of Prenzlauer Berg is part of Pankow and invites you to stroll with its old buildings, countless restaurants, pubs and small shops. You should plan a visit to the Mauerpark. The former wall strip will be transferred to the Weekends as a meeting point for Berliners and visitors and offers a lot of variety with flea markets, amphitheater and children’s farm. On the other hand, a stroll through the Weissensee Jewish Cemetery, the largest of its kind in Berlin, is contemplative. There you can look at the graves of many important figures and commemorate the entrance to the millions of Jews who were once victims of the Nazi persecution. A memorial with stones arranged in a circle, on which the names of all concentration camps are engraved, was erected there to commemorate them. A castle can also be visited in Pankow. The Schönhausen Palace is located in the district of Niederschönhausen and is characterized by a wonderful palace garden through which the plank flows. The castle was originally built in the 17th century and changed hands several times in the course of its history, witnessing many historical events. Also in Pankow is the Kulturbrauerei, where beer used to be brewed. Today the building is an important industrial and architectural monument and the setting for numerous cultural events. Concerts, workshops, readings and parties are permanent events in the Kulturbrauerei.