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You are earned to a great holiday after months of work and the stress of everyday life. How about a trip to Berlin? Millions of visitors can not be wrong, no wonder that so many are coming, because the capital has much to offer. By the way, did you know? Berlin is in the Top 10 in all categories of the fourth „Traveler’s Choice Destinations Award“. The award of the travel portal „TripAdvisor“ applies to the most popular travel destinations. Berlin occupies the proud, first place in the top 10 most popular German cities! In the top 10 of the most popular European cities Berlin occupies even sixth place.

In the top 10 of the most popular cities worldwide, Berlin is still ranked 10. Will you soon be on holiday in Berlin? Anyone can do that with the low prices we have at ootel.co. It is no problem even with very small budgets of backpackers. Book by phone, e-mail or online, over the Internet. Whether you are traveling alone, as a group, family or with a friend, we offer the suitable accommodation for you, from the cheap 10-bed multi-room to the single room. We wish you a relaxing and exciting holiday!

(This is information about hotels in Berlin)

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