The Tear Palace: A Piece of Berlin’s History

In the heart of Berlin lies a historical landmark known as the Tränenpalast, or the Tear Palace. With its rich history and significance, visiting this iconic site is a must for any traveler. The Tear Palace is located at the Friedrichstrasse train station, which used to be the border crossing between East and West Germany during the Cold War. It earned its poignant name from the tearful goodbyes that took place here as loved ones bid farewell to each other, separated by the Berlin Wall.

The Tear Palace was originally built in 1962 as a border crossing for travelers between East and West Berlin. Over the years, it witnessed countless emotional scenes as families, friends, and lovers said their farewells. The atmosphere was often solemn and heart-wrenching, with tears flowing freely. Today, the Tear Palace stands as a reminder of this painful period in Berlin’s history.

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