Top Hotel Berlino

Top Hotel Berlino

Berlin, in Italian Berlino, always offers its guests something, no matter whenever you are in the German capital, you will never get bored here. Italians love this city and Berlino has become a favorite destination for Italians.

Top hotel Berlino

So, dear Italians! Looking for a hotel in Berlin that offers a central location, cozy accommodation and a reasonable price, then go to the Top Hotel Berlino. The central location makes it easy to visit all sights without wasting too much time. The address of the Ootel Hotel is Allee der Kosmonauten 32 in Marzahn-Hellersdorf. The hotel is 5 minutes from the Springpfuhl S-Bahn station. In the immediate vicinity is the East Side Gallery, which you can also visit.
It takes 20 minutes by train to Alexanderplatz and the legendary TV tower, and it doesn’t take long to get to Friedrichstrasse and Hackescher Markt. Hackescher Markt is located between Friedrichstrasse and Alexanderplatz and has developed into a real trendy district since the fall of the wall. Small shops, quaint shops and a lively bar and pub scene invite you to linger. Berlin is actually always awake, there are no day and night, neither summer and spring, nor autumn and winter, because this city never sleeps.
That’s why it’s great to visit them often to really get to know everything that is important in this city.

Ootel in Berlino

The Ootel is not only centrally located, it also has everything a hotel in a big city has to have. First you enter the lobby, which is equipped with a large-screen television and a piano, then you continue straight to a charming bar, where you can end a busy day with a glass of cocktail in the evening. Berlin not only attracts with its Berlin air, which is one of the best in the world for such a big city, no Berlin simply always has something to offer, there is always something going on here and it is never boring in this pulsating city.
The city is currently booming and most of the tourists come from the USA, the Netherlands or Bella Italia. Berlino testifies to history, the Brandenburg Gate, the memorial of divided Germany, which has become the symbol of a united Germany, simply has to be visited. Not far away is the Holocaust Memorial, which ensures that the terrible things of the past are not forgotten.
Checkpoint Charlie, the border crossing between West Germany and East Germany, which has become one of the most popular sights.

Advantages of the Ootel Berlino

The Ootel is characterized by a lot of advantages. In a metropolis like Berlin, the Ootel scores above all with its affordable prices. The hotel can be booked both as a hotel and as a hostel.
There are comfortable double rooms or cozy single rooms available, but there are also real dormitories.
The Ootel is only 15 minutes from the center and has very good transport links and very good shopping opportunities.
The staff welcomes guests to the house in several languages, there is almost no language that is not spoken.
There is a parking lot for guests arriving by car, who would like to make themselves comfortable in the beer garden or need their own barbecue area, this is also offered by the Ootel.
There is a luggage room so that something can still be done on the last day without having to carry all your luggage with you and thus visit the city until the end with the city map.
All in all, the Ootel is a great way to discover Berlin cheaply and cheaply and above all, the view of the television tower is priceless.
Berlin welcomes its guests and accommodation at this price, as offered by Ootel, is simply unbeatable.