TinyRoom - Small room for rent in Berlin

TinyRoom – Small room for rent in Berlin

In Ootel.co there are TinyRooms!

These are very small rooms with room for a bed, a seat and a cupboard. These small rooms are for one person only and all have windows in the ootel.co. Thus, our TinyRoom offer is aimed at people who can not or do not want to spend a lot for an overnight stay and still enjoy the advantages of a single room. So if you want to sleep undisturbed for a quick overnight rest, then our TinyRooms are certainly a nice alternative. Originally, these mini-rooms were created based on the Capsule hotels that have become common in Japan: so-called capsule hotels in which 2 m² boxes such as honeycombs can be arranged one above the other and next to each other. The sleeping capsules offer about as much space as a one-man tent and are usually about 120 cm high. In Japan, these TinyRooms are offered for lack of space and the need to spend the night for little money. In our ootel, a TinyRoom is not as tiny as a Japanese capsule room and much more comfortable. For our usual, central European conditions, they are relatively small, but unbeatable cheap. For more information about prices and availability, please contact ootel.co via e-mail, via our contact form or call us.

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