Die Landesregierung Brandenburg und deren Staatskanzlei

Die Landesregierung Brandenburg und deren Staatskanzlei

Rund um die Hauptstadt

The Berlin / Brandenburg metropolitan region is home to around 6 million people. The beautiful and varied nature covers about 1/3 of the state area of ​​Brandenburg, which Berlin seems to carry in its center as a pulsating heart. The year of founding Brandenburg is the year 1157. Economically, Brandenburg is strong in agriculture, the energy industry, in the aerospace industry, as well as in tourism and the film industry. With its central location in Berlin, the Ootel offers an ideal starting point for excursions to the Brandenburg region. Thanks to the excellent connection to public transport, the Ootel is an accommodation for world explorers. Even if you arrive by car and use one of the many parking spaces, you are fast, star-shaped, wherever the spirit of adventure takes you. However you want to explore the surroundings of Berlin, it doesn’t matter at first. Whether by bike, canoe or hiking boots, there are cute little villages to discover, the water flows practically in front of the door and you can feel the extensive nature between your toes.

The state government of Brandenburg

The state government of Brandenburg designates the executive, or the executive state authority. Here, under the leadership of the Prime Minister, ministers rule side by side for a strong and ambitious Brandenburg. The state government can be found in the largest city in Brandenburg, Potsdam. Potsdam can be reached comfortably and relaxed from the Ootel in just one hour by public transport. You can experience Berlin-Brandenburg culture up close.
After German reunification in 1990, the state of Brandenburg was revived. Of course, a stable form of government was required. The state government of Brandenburg gave birth. Acting Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke has been in charge there since August 28, 2013. He is the third Prime Minister of the State of Brandenburg since German reunification. It is elected by the Landtag Brandenburg using a secret election, i.e. anonymized. The prime minister in turn appoints ministers. He also created all guidelines for the politics of the country and represents it externally. Since November 20, 2019, the current state government of Brandenburg has consisted of the parties of the SPD, CDU and Bündnis 90 / die Grünen. They put the ten subject ministers into office. The business area of ​​Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke is the State Chancellery and can therefore be described as its authority.

The State Chancellery of the Brandenburg State Government

As a former cadet institution of the Prussians, the imposing building is located in the city center of Potsdam. As it stands out very close to Potsdam Central Station, it is easy to reach by public transport during a relaxing stay at the Ootel Berlin. Driving in your own car past the legendary Brandenburg Gate is also highly recommended. After taking a look at the building, a visit to the nearby forests and parks and the Sanssouci Palace is definitely worthwhile.
Of course, the work of the state government, starting from the state chancellery, is very interesting. The Prime Minister uses this body to carry out his complex tasks. He is supported by the head of the state chancellery, Kathrin Schneider, who is headed by her. The State Chancellery must be seen as the central government headquarters. The entire state policy is coordinated and controlled there, targeted strategies are drawn up and adapted for the government’s projects. Whatever politics would like to present to the public in public is also coordinated in the historic building in the city center of Potsdam.

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