The capital Berlin

The capital Berlin

Berlin is not only our capital, but of course has many historic buildings that are popular for visits. But what often goes under is that there is still the Berlin-Brandenburg radio or the ZDF capital studio in Zollernhof. Of course we all know that ARD and ZDF, because they always report the news from politics. But as I said, there is still more to discover in Berlin, which often requires more than just a day.

Ootel, the slightly different hotel

Those who find Berlin exciting can also experience this when looking for a hotel. But that is not necessarily the case, because there are good and cheap alternatives. One of them is the Ootel, which is not just a hotel. This is not just a hotel, but you can also visit the hostel in the same building. The journey then takes place around the clock, which is also different from that in other hotels or hostels. If you come by car, you can park your car in the free parking lot behind the house. Because guests of the Ootel can park for free while staying in a hotel or hostel. Another very good service that many guests have gladly accepted. You can also get there via Gosen-Neu Zittau, because there are so many lakes to explore in Gosen-Neu Zittau. Because Berlin not only has a lot to offer within the city, but also in the outskirts.

Visit the Berlin-Brandenburg radio station

That is exactly what is possible, but the ZDF capital studio in Zollernhof can not only be visited as a guest. There is a lot to experience in Berlin, which really cannot be done in one day. Many people want to visit this historic city, which is usually not a problem. Here
is the search for a hotel, usually the most strenuous part, especially when the budget is very limited. This is where the Ootel comes in, because this extraordinary hotel not only offers parking spaces behind the house, but also excellent service. If you have little money in the cash register, you can also visit the hostel. At the hostel, attention was paid to many little things. Because a visit to Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg can be very entertaining and exhausting. A soft bed is all the more important, with each of the multi-bed rooms also having a bathroom. The journey does not only go by car, but also by public transport. Berlin has a very well developed public transport network, which also applies to Gosen-Neu Zittau. There is also a bus stop directly in front of the Ootel, which means that the house can be reached quickly.

Just visit the ZDF capital city studio in the Zollernhof

After a good breakfast, of course, that’s still the best thing to do, and then you can also visit the Berlin-Brandenburg radio. If you then booked a cheap room, you have a clear advantage, especially if breakfast is still offered in the hotel. After a good and extensive breakfast, Gosen-Neu Zittau with its wonderful landscape and inviting lakes can also be visited. A little cooling, especially in summer, is guaranteed here. So there are many ways to spend a cheap night in a house. Women can also sleep undisturbed in a shared room. There are extra rooms reserved for women only. Regardless of whether you are visiting the ZDF capital city studio in Zollernhof or another attraction in Berlin, nobody has to spend the night in Berlin without a bed. We all have to sleep once, even if someone goes through the whole night in Berlin. This is exactly what characterizes Berlin, where there is a lot to experience in Gosen-Neu Zittau. It is often irrelevant, especially for young people, whether they are visiting the Berlin-Brandenburg radio or the ZDF capital city studio in the Zollernhof. Berlin is important.