Student room Berlin

Student room Berlin

Berlin is not only the city of tourists, but also a lot of students would like to study here. However, they usually do not find a room so quickly that students can afford. Here the Ootel can be an important help, so that students also have an overnight stay. The Ootel offers more under one roof than is previously known.

Ootel not only a hotel, but also a hostel

Many older people still remember with horror how the hostels used to be equipped. Such a hostel was more like a youth hostel, without any comfort. The toilets and showers were then somewhere in the hallway, which always caused annoyance. But those days are over, because the Ootel offers some comfort here in the hostel as well. This includes a bathroom in every shared room. In addition, everyone can choose their own room and bed, because that is the price. But what makes the Ootel almost unique, there is also a hotel under one roof. So everyone can decide how they want to spend their night. If you are traveling with a group, of course, you will choose the hostel. In addition, women who travel alone are just as welcome in this house as families with children. Younger guests can play carefree behind the house because there is a playground for this. For the parents, that means finally a little relaxation. Especially after a long trip, the little guests need it so that they can sleep better afterwards. First of all, everyone can find information on the website, where the right accommodation is then found.

Booking in time is important

As Berlin is always well visited, visitors should book well in advance. So nobody has to worry about it anymore, so that the planning of the stay can be more successful. Of course, nobody has to come to Berlin to study to secure an overnight stay at the Ootel. Business travelers are just as welcome here as all other guests. The staff is always available so that there are no more unanswered questions. If you are not really tired in the evening, you can stay a bit longer in the in-house bar. Because cheap doesn’t have to mean bad, which the Ootel proves again and again. The beds in the hostel in particular are praised again and again. Of course, care is taken that all rooms are clean. Of course, the mattresses are more important, which are then also checked regularly. So it almost doesn’t matter how someone spends their night. The main thing, especially for students, is that it is cheap and good. This is exactly what the Ootel and the hostel offer. So no student has to worry if he hasn’t found a room yet. The Ootel can be really helpful here.

Arrival by car or public transport

That is exactly one of the many advantages that not only Berlin has. The Ootel is also very easy to reach by public transport. There is a bus stop in front of the house. So everyone can get to Berlin Mitte very quickly without having to put up with long hikes. If you travel by car, you don’t have to look for a parking space. The car can be parked behind the house, where it can stay. Because parking is free for guests of the house as long as they are in the Ootel. Breakfast is of course included for the guests of the hotel, hostel guests can simply book this extra. Because everyone should treat themselves to a good start to the day. Breakfast is not expensive, which was important to the Ootel. Small children do not have to pay extra for their breakfast, but can have breakfast with their parents. So an overnight stay in Berlin does not have to be expensive and it can also be done with comfort.