Student room Berlin

Student room Berlin

A lot of students are looking for a room in Berlin, but unfortunately mostly in vain. When they have just arrived in the city and have not yet found a room, the situation looks serious. However, students do not have to spend the night on the street or under the bridge. For this there is the Ootel, where students can also spend the night cheaply.

Ootel still has rooms or beds available

Now many students think that they cannot afford a hotel, which is not necessary. Because the Ootel is not just a hotel, but also a hostel. Thus, students can also afford a bed here until they have found a room. Of course, not only students can rent here, but all people who travel to Berlin. An overnight stay in Berlin does not have to be expensive, of which I can convince everyone on the website Students especially like to visit this hostel because it still offers a certain level of comfort. This includes not only the number of beds in a room, but also the shower and toilet. So no one has to go to a general toilet like before, which has always caused displeasure. The night can be spent quietly and without a noisy door, which in turn is a great advantage. Women can choose an extra women’s room here so that they can sleep safely. These are just a few of the advantages that the hostel offers. If you want to have breakfast after a restful night, you can book it cheaply. So the night was safely spent and breakfast in the morning provides the necessary strength for the day.

Ootel the slightly different hotel

Of course, not only students or groups can stay here, but also families. Families with small children in particular often cannot find a suitable hotel. It is completely different here, because families are very welcome. There is a playground right behind the house so that the little guests can feel really comfortable. So the little ones can let off steam after their arrival and the parents can relax a little. A trip with children is exhausting, especially if they have to sit in the car for a long time. So that the car also has its place, it can also be parked behind the house in the free parking lot. As long as someone is a guest at the Ootel, the car can stand still here. Because Berlin is still best experienced by public transport, because parking spaces are scarce here as everywhere. A car can no longer be cheaper to then experience this fantastic and vibrant city in peace. So that the little guests are in a good mood tomorrow, they can have breakfast with their parents. There are usually no extra costs for this, which can make your stay in Berlin even cheaper. For this reason, families are always welcome at the Ootel, although business travelers can of course also benefit from the good location. Because they prefer to leave their car in Berlin and use public transport.

Bus stop right outside the door

This is also an advantage, because there is no need to walk long distances to the bus stop. Berlin offers its guests a lot in this area. Even if the Ootel is in the eastern part of Berlin, it is not far to the city center. A bus ride is a small city tour and relaxation at the same time. Nobody has to worry about the car anymore, because that has already found its place. Therefore, the Ootel is also suitable for students who have not yet found a place to stay. Often they like to travel in a group, which is possible at any time in the hostel. Thus, the Ootel is exactly the house where everyone can spend a good night. The house is not directly in Berlin, but that should only disturb a few people. For many it is just a question of the price, others want to spend the night in a more comfortable way. This concept was created precisely for these different wishes. So everyone can stay here, whether in a hostel or hotel. That still depends on your own budget, which is not overused here. After that everyone can take a look around Berlin. Often, certain places or buildings are visited again. This is not a problem at the Ootel, because it offers cheap and comfortable accommodation. Whether students or families, everyone is welcome here.