Student hotel Berlin search and pay attention to it

Student hotel Berlin search and pay attention to it

A student room is a furnished room with its own bathroom and a place to work and many roommates who have the same privileges. However, in a dormitory, where most student rooms are located, there are also double rooms. If it is a student room Berlin, which can be rented through, the students get quite exclusive accommodation, as the common areas are not limited to a communal kitchen, but also include a fitness area, a laundromat and there is even a 24-hour security service in the very exclusive accommodations. To get this at quite a reasonable price, as students are known to not have much money to spend on accommodation anyway.

Exclusive equipment

A student hotel Berlin is primarily intended for students who are in Berlin only for a very short time – perhaps for an internship. Those who study permanently at one of the numerous universities and colleges or universities of applied sciences in Berlin must or should look for a permanent student apartment, perhaps even a shared apartment. Ultimately, it is so that the exclusive equipment with WLAN and TV and other technical devices can also only afford the students who get their apartment paid by the company where they complete a dual study. also offers the option of renting the room on a daily basis. As a rule, however, such rooms are rented for a maximum of three months. A very special feature of student rooms in hotels is that they also offer double rooms. This means that you can share the rent with your best friend. In this way, such a room becomes quite affordable. In a student hotel, however, usually only students live, but they attend different universities. This is again a distinguishing feature to a student hostel, which is bound to a campus or on the campus directly often even to find.


Important for a student hotel Berlin is of course the location. Like the universities and the respective campus, the student hotels are spread all over the Berlin urban area. Of course, the smartest thing to do is to find a student room as close to public transportation as possible. There are only a few students in Berlin who have their own car. After all, this car also has to be maintained and one has to find a parking space – which is difficult in Berlin anyway. In Berlin, however, it is no problem to find a student hotel or student room near a bus, subway or S-Bahn stop. As a major city, Berlin has a particularly dense transportation network. Even the outskirts of Berlin and the suburbs of the capital are very well connected to the public transport network. However, the location also plays a role in a student hotel Berlin in another way. If you can choose the student hotel, you should also make sure that it is located near the recreational facilities that you like to visit or the restaurants and bars that you like to visit.