Student Hotel Berlin

Student Hotel Berlin

Berlin is a student city, even though the federal capital has many other functions. The student city of Berlin is often forgotten or underestimated. Yet many renowned universities and colleges are located in Berlin, such as the Humboldt University. Housing is scarce for the approximately 195,000 students in the federal capital. For this reason, rents for apartments in student halls are also very high and private accommodation is also notoriously not cheap in Berlin. It is therefore not easy for the numerous students, who make up 5.5 percent of the total population of the capital, to find affordable accommodation. In addition, there are the numerous interns and trainees, especially those in dual studies, who also have little money to pay for an expensive apartment in Berlin. Above all for trainees and for apprentices, who complete a dual study and are usually only for a short time in Berlin, the view past with and the search for a student hotel Berlin is worthwhile itself.

What does a student hotel offer?

A student hotel in the German capital is ultimately nothing more than a way to get affordable housing for a certain period of time. Even for students who study in Berlin, but do not have their family here and are at home during the semester break, it is worthwhile to look at the website and search for a student hotel Berlin. The furnishing of a room in a student hotel is similar to that of a student apartment in a dormitory. However, this is ultimately a normal hotel, which is partially equipped with kitchenettes. However, there is also a large dining room and of course the convenience that the hotel is not far from the university. Since Berlin has a very dense public transport network anyway, it is of course also no question that the student hotel Berlin is located near a stop for the bus, subway, S-Bahn or the train station.

Temporary room

The rooms in a student hotel are temporary rooms. That is, if you move out again for the semester break, it is unlikely that you will get the same room again when you return when the next semester starts. The prices for this type of accommodation is very affordable for a student who has a part-time job.