Student hotel Berlin

Student hotel Berlin

Many students are looking for a hotel in Berlin that has to meet certain requirements. The reason why someone goes to Berlin is often not so important. However, students in Berlin Mitte are often unable to find what they are looking for, although the Ootel is in the eastern part of Berlin. But then the Ootel has a lot to offer, which should also be interesting for students.

The student hotel Berlin with affordable prices

This is exactly what many students are looking for, who may not have found a room in Berlin yet. Of course, the housing shortage is particularly large in Berlin, although students in particular have a tight budget. The Ootel can be the ideal solution until a cheap room has been found. Of course, the Ootel is also suitable for a vacation where the accommodation costs are not so high. This is not a normal hotel, but also a hostel. So everyone can find an ideal overnight stay according to their financial means. The Ootel is located in the eastern part of Berlin, but nobody needs a car here. A bus stop right outside the front door ensures that everyone is mobile. Those arriving by car can park behind the house for free. The journey always takes place when someone has just arrived in Berlin. Advantages that many guests have already noticed, although the Ootel is not only suitable for students. For the first information, everyone can have a look at the website If the bed or room is found, you should of course book directly. Those who fail to do so could then stand in front of a full house, which can be avoided.

Women are always welcome

Of course women want to go on a trip with their friends or a group, but they often shy away from a hostel. So that these women can spend the night in peace, there is a room in the Ootel. Only women have access here, which makes them feel more secure. Of course, this also applies to female students who just want to spend a quiet and relaxing night. All multi-bed rooms are therefore also equipped with a shower and toilet, which means that there is always peace in the hallways. The hostel therefore offers a certain level of comfort, although the beds are very comfortable. A hostel that offers more than it usually does. This is exactly what defines this concept, although the hotel must of course also be considered. The staff is always there for guests, regardless of whether they are staying in the hostel or hotel. Because one thing is also important to the Ootel, satisfied guests and not only among the students. Families in particular still find it difficult to find a suitable hotel. These families are in good hands at the Ootel, because there are special family rooms here. Because even the smallest guests love to sleep in their own bed. A little play is just as important here, which can then be done in the playground behind the house. Another advantage for families is that younger guests do not have to pay extra for their breakfast. They are welcome to have breakfast with their parents, which in turn can relieve the holiday budget. Breakfast is not included for hostel guests, but can be booked extra for little money. All guests can start the day well strengthened, which can be very important, especially for students.

A house for all guests

This is how the Ootel can also be seen, because not only students and families feel very comfortable here. With all the advantages, of course there is also a small disadvantage. There is no elevator in the house, which can be even more appealing. So far, however, all guests have conquered the stairwell and have reached their rooms. If there are any questions, the staff is always available around the clock. Foreign guests are also catered for, as the staff are multilingual. So there are no communication problems and the vacation in Berlin can simply be enjoyed. Students are just as welcome here as it is for other guests. A house for all guests, the prices are very cheap, especially in the hostel for Berlin. You can arrive from anywhere in the city, whether by car or public transport. This is exactly what makes the Ootel, with Berlin doing a lot for it too. Because public transport also runs here around the clock, which means that visitors to this city are always mobile and enjoy doing so.