Motel Berlin

Motel Berlin

Once in a lifetime you should have a look at the German capital. The unique flair of this very special metropolis cannot be compared with any other metropolis. History is made in Berlin and so the metropolis will always be the linchpin of Germany.
It is not surprising that tourists from all over the world are still flocking to the multicultural metropolis and letting the special flair of this cosmopolitan city blow its nose. Find out why a visit to Berlin is a must here:

No other city is as steeped in history as Berlin

Berlin has always been the scene of both German and European history. Long before the division of the city, the nobles were at home here and caused a sensation with pomp and showmanship and also ensured that Berlin is what the city is like today. Today you can still understand the splendid lifestyle of the nobles in Berlin and Brandenburg. The stately houses and castles are well preserved and show how you lived splendidly at that time when you didn’t have to worry about finances.
But the dark side of German history has also long been forgotten. Memorials and museums are reminiscent of the darkest German times, which must also be preserved for posterity to warn of the consequences of the wrong decision.
A visit to Berlin often has a long-lasting effect if you stand at the locations of world politics and thus can directly experience history live.

No city is as artistic as Berlin

Thanks to its multicultural population, Berlin is more colorful than any other city. In the different parts of the city you can experience first hand the artistic influences of Berliners, who come from all over the world. Whether in the museums of modern art or on the streets that testify to first-class street art, you can see and experience the international influences of the residents of Berlin everywhere. The youth cultures and also the influences of international artists can be clearly seen in the Berlin street art scene, but the Berlin artists always create their own and new ideas and creations. Discover Berlin’s famous street art scene on a leisurely stroll through the city.

Berlin is unique

No cityscape is as different as that of Berlin. You can hardly compare two districts of the capital with each other, the individual districts are so different. Meet tranquil forests and lakes in the south of Berlin where you can find peace after an eventful day. The proverbial Berlin Bear is raging in Berlin Mitte, because here you will not only find the hottest clubs where you can party for days and nights. Enjoy a walk along the riverside promenades on the Berlin lakes and experience a day without hectic and crowds of tourists. Berlin can do everything, it offers so much variety and differences in the individual districts. So a visit to the capital’s surroundings is always the right thing for every traveler.

Where you can stay cheap and comfortable

Berlin is a real magnet for vacationers from all over the world. In the tourist hot spots, expensive hotels and private accommodation are often booked out well in advance. You should therefore opt for an accommodation in the Ootel. The affordable motel offers a large number of different types of accommodation for visitors from all over the world.

Why Ootel

The Ootel offers its guests a variety of reasons to stay at the hotel on the avenue of cosmonauts. Find out why you should choose accommodation at the Ootel here:

Comfortable rooms at the best prices

The Ootel offers different room categories for travelers on a tight budget. Whether as a family or school class, as a business traveler or globetrotter, everyone can stay at the Ootel at a reasonable price.

Best location for trips

Berlin’s city traffic not only brings foreign travelers to despair. Even the locals can face traffic jams and construction sites. The Ootel is located just outside the inner city streets and is close to the stops of the Berlin transport company. You can conveniently leave the vehicle in the hotel car park for the duration of your stay and travel on public holidays on holiday. With the inexpensive cards, you not only save fuel and nerves, but also costs for parking at the most popular tourist attractions.
In just a few minutes you can reach the stops on foot and take your bus and train to your daily destinations.

First class service

You save money at the Ootel, but there is no saving on service. The modern hotel offers its guests first-class service thanks to the friendly and competent staff, who are available around the clock to answer questions.