Rooms & Suites Rental

Rooms & Suites Rental

Rooms & Suites Rental
3000 beds and a perfect price With a total of over 3000 beds, our large hostel is almost unbeatable when it comes to free rooms and therefore particularly well suited for spontaneous people.
Without exception, every traveler gets offered one of the most affordable and generous options in Berlin.

With a fabulous price from 7,00 € per bed leaves this great offer real impression.

So every traveler can find something that really suits them. So you can find in the wide range of suitable variants for almost every wish.

There are bedrooms for whole groups and for backpackers or families with children, there are other suitable options for comfortable, yet inexpensive overnight stay. Our hotel is designed so holistic that there is hardly comparable competition in Berlin.

Extras The price-performance ratio is unbeatable thanks to additional offers. A spacious garden area with various facilities such as volleyball and table tennis or sunbathing and barbecue are included in the price.
Additional extras can be added depending on your preference and concerns, such as a karaoke evening.

Room rental for longer periods Another special feature of the ootel is the room rental service over a longer period of time. This is currently in Berlin.

On the one hand, cheaper and more private living space in the capital is getting scarcer and on the other hand there are many people in Berlin, who often want to stay for a longer period of time, but still do not pay to rent their own apartment.

Due to many common areas you are despite your own room in our hotel not “alone”. As you can see, in, there is really something for every guest. Convince yourself of our overwhelming offer. We are great, hip and cheap. Can you resist now?

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