Room rental Berlin via

Room rental Berlin via

The rental of guest rooms from private has a long tradition. Already in the time around Jesus birth there were – as the Christmas story proves – were rented out guest rooms. Also, the Christmas story proves due to the fact that Mary and Joseph only got a stable as an inn, because they had no or hardly any money, that the more you pay for a room, you can expect a higher performance.

From guest room to vacation apartment

However, the term “guest room” is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Because a guest in a hotel or a vacation home is not to feel the guest “strange”, but like at home. On the other hand, people are now increasingly using terms such as private room for rooms in guesthouses and hotel room for rooms in hotels. These rooms have different facilities, and the hotel room differs from a private room in that the hotel room usually – at least in the higher categories – has its own bathroom for the guests staying in the hotel room. Simpler and cheaper hotels still sometimes have only one bathroom in the hallway for several hotel guests at once. However, these hotels are the exception and intended for mechanics. In the 1960s, boarding houses were more progressive. There they offered “rooms with running water”. These rooms had a sink with hot water. So progressive one was in the 1960s however usually only in large cities such as Berlin, where the room letting Berlin could score thereby already with the holiday-makers, who visited already at that time in rather large number the Berlin still divided at that time into west and east.

Vacation homes

Who takes up today a room letting Berlin, for example over, which looks for – above all, if with the whole family one travels – more than only a simple hotel room. It must be here already an apartment and/or a vacation home. Here it concerns actually small dwellings, which has more than only its own bathroom for the holiday-makers. Rather, they will also find a fully equipped kitchen in such accommodation.

Motel or hostel?

While hotel rooms and vacation apartments are quite expensive, there are also cheap accommodation options via Zimmervermietung Berlin – in a motel or a hostel. The difference between these two accommodation options is not very big, especially when it comes to the cost of an overnight stay. A motel is thereby ideally suited for car travelers who have Berlin only on their route towards their vacation destination and make a stopover in today’s federal capital to spend the night or even to admire some of the sights. Typical of a motel is that these are single or double rooms that also include a parking space for the car, which is usually parked in a courtyard where the entrances to the motel rooms are also located. Meanwhile, a hostel is a very good and cheap accommodation for backpackers. Rooms in a motel or a hostel in Berlin or in the Berlin suburbs can also be booked through the room rental service of