Room rental Berlin

Room rental Berlin

Berlin is an indescribably beautiful city that you shouldn’t forget on a tour of Germany. It is suitable for regular trips, as it has a lot to offer, from history to attractions, that vacationers should discover. It cannot get boring in Berlin and the worry about expensive accommodation is also completely unjustified. Because here Ootel is certainly at the forefront with its room rental, so that it can go sparingly through Berlin and still convince the nights with relaxation. And by the way, very central to public transport and interesting Berlin locations. This is where the journey begins and there is no end in sight – because there is far too much to see in Berlin that travelers cannot miss.

It is not far to Alexanderplatz with Ootel

The linchpin of Berlin for room rental with Ootel is Alexanderplatz. Because this is about fifteen minutes away on foot, which is of course a central location. After all, well-known sights such as the Brandenburg Gate or the infamous Berlin TV tower are on foot here. And if that’s not enough, just have a look over to the Berlin Cathedral and take a trip out to the Museum Island, which can be found here for Ootel’s accommodation. Of course, it is also child’s play to get to other attractions of the capital from here, so this also speaks for a central location in Berlin, which Ootel has to offer with its room rental in any case.

Many districts of Berlin inspire with sights

In addition to the infamous Alexanderplatz, a short trip to Tempelhof-Schöneberg is of course also possible. Wherever Tempelhof Airport is waiting for travelers or the huge KaDeWe, which is of course an eye-catcher. How about a short detour to the local town hall? The Schöneberg Town Hall also lights up in the evening, so maybe a trip at night knows how to radiate a new kind of flair. But Berlin Friedrichshain is of course an enchanting piece of earth, where, for example, the Oberbaum Bridge is waiting for travelers. Ootel knows all of this and has decided to consciously offer a free bike rental because many tourists get a whole new flair from Berlin by bike, which makes them feel like they are at home. And the Berlin temperament full of friendliness and belonging certainly contributes to this.

Renting a room from Ootel saves money and still does a lot

The rumor has somehow developed that cheap accommodations largely do without service. But it is by no means so easy. Because the services offered by Ootel have it all! They are included in the handling of the services and are not added on top. This means that the WiFi access and bike rental locally in Berlin can still be used free of charge for the cheap room price. An achievement that certainly not every traveler in Berlin can welcome. There is a free parking space for those who arrive with their own vehicle, but there is also a barbecue area that can be used. These are many free services that are offered even though room rental seems so cheap. The beautiful green area also makes it possible in the evening in the hotel to relax and process the many impressions of Berlin for yourself. The multilingual staff is also a service that you have to offer at such low prices, but it works hand in hand and almost perfectly. This should also please foreign holidaymakers here in Berlin and is another service that is already included in the price for the room. Nobody expected that at this point, right?

Accommodation in Berlin at a very good price is no problem. Especially not if you try it directly from Ootel. In addition, there are so many services included in the price that you can only save and still save the small budget in Berlin. If you don’t try to make the trip to the German capital now, it’s your own fault.