Room rental Berlin

Room rental Berlin

If you are looking for a cheap room rental in Berlin, you should find out more about the Ootel. Here everyone will find the room, although permanent renting is not immediately necessary. But the Ootel is not just a hostel, there is also a hotel under one roof.

Room rental Berlin with a difference

This is how the Ootel could also be seen, whereby the Berlin room rental applies to both the hostel and the hotel. Of course, that always depends on the wallet, although the rooms here don’t have to be expensive. If you prefer to spend the night with your group, you can rent a bed in the hostel. These multi-bed rooms not only offer cozy beds, but also a shower and a toilet in every room. This is more popular with many people, because who likes to go to a general toilet. Thus, even in the hostel, there is a certain level of comfort, although you can always arrive here when someone has just arrived. The staff is always happy to be there for the guests, regardless of whether they are in the hotel or hostel. But the Ootel has even more advantages, which everyone can see on the website Because a hostel does not have to look like a youth hostel and has to be far outside of Berlin. Although the Ootel is not directly in Berlin Mitte, it is very easy to reach in the eastern part of Berlin. It doesn’t matter whether someone comes by bus or car. The house is easily accessible even by public transport.

Women and children always welcome

Women in particular often shy away from spending the night in a multi-bed room, but things are very different here at the Ootel. So that all guests of the house feel comfortable, extra women’s rooms have been set up here. Of course there is also a bathroom in the room so that the women can spend the night here. Children are very welcome in the hotel, which the playground behind the house shows. So that the little guests don’t have to sleep in their parents’ bed, they have their own bed in the room. This way, the little princes and princesses can dream of adventures in their own realm. Those who have spent a restful night want to fortify themselves with a good breakfast. Breakfast is included in the price for hotel guests, but hostel guests don’t have to do without it. The good and rich breakfast can be booked for just a little money so that the day can start well. Because if you are in Berlin, you will need this strengthening in the morning.

A slightly different house

This is how the Ootel wants to see itself, because here two accommodation options were accommodated in one house. Whether someone stays in a hostel or hotel is up to you. Business people are also welcome, as are people who travel alone. This is exactly what the Ootel is all about, with prices being cheap even for Berlin. Because Berlin is very expensive, especially in the hotel sector, which is not the case here. Another service is the parking lot, where the car can be parked free of charge. As long as someone is a guest at Ootel, the car can be parked there. This saves quite a bit of money, which in turn can be used to explore Berlin. No matter for what reason someone is looking for accommodation in Berlin, he will find exactly this accommodation in the Ootel. A house that is not only for hotel guests, but also for people who want to stay in the hostel. With this concept, all people who want to visit the capital of Germany were taken into account. So that there are no misunderstandings, the staff is multilingual. Ootel a place so that everyone can rest well. The bar is then also available for hotel guests.