Room Overnight | East Berlin

Room Overnight | East Berlin

East Berlin is full of surprises.

Take an accommodation at the in East Berlin and start your exploration from here. Day and night you can book here, the reception never sleeps.

No matter what time you feel like having a drink, we prepare it. With us you can book a room for the night for the weekend and experience the nightlife of the city of Berlin.

The clubs in Berlin are open all night, mostly until the day can be danced and celebrated.

Not for nothing is Berlin world-famous for its club culture. People from all parts of the world travel to Berlin to discover the unique club landscape.

After a busy night, you can relax in the hotel lobby.

Just chill out
or have breakfast at the buffet. Then they can retire to the quiet rooms of the, go to sleep and gather strength for the next party night in Berlin.

It takes a bit longer, but it’s worth it, because you walk almost all the way through the Springpfuhlpark, which is beautifully landscaped with a dike and many sculptures throughout the park.

Remember to always book a place in advance, as the resort is very popular. More information about the booking is available on the website

In addition to playing volleyball, you can simply watch on a beach lounger or enjoy and relax at the beach café and beach bar. There are soft drinks, cocktails, hot drinks and small dishes.

If you are looking for accommodation and want to stay cheap in Berlin, you might first look for a private accommodation in the apartment of friends.

Some have relatives in the city and can stay there if they get along well.

is limited in most homes, and rarely does anyone have a guest room in a Berlin apartment. A room to stay for the holidays we have for you.

In an accommodation in the center there is no way to book such cheap nights, which are so many services included.

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