Our service in the hotel for you as our guest

Who goes on trips has many opportunities to stay. From the small, cozy guesthouse to the 5 star luxury hotel. The price range is very large.
An overnight stay in a hotel garni is often available from 30 Euro. You as a traveler in a pension have the choice between a simple night without breakfast and a bed and breakfast.
Usually the breakfast is appetizing and nicely prepared, but limited to the bare minimum , In the classic style there are rolls, bread, cold meats, cheese, jam and a breakfast egg.
The rooms in Garni Hotels are divided into single and double rooms as in hotels. They are equipped with the necessary furniture such as bed and Schrank.In hotels are in the rooms still a desk and a mini bar accommodated.
In most Garni hotels such furnishings are rather unusual. But a TV is usually already available, even if it is not a flat screen. Hotel Garni is incidentally a French term from the term, which means “furnished with furniture hostel”.
In more elaborate Garni hotels, there are many rooms with private bathrooms. In some buildings, some rooms have bathrooms in the hallway. Garni hotels are available both in the big cities and in the countryside.
Some of them even have elevators that make it easier for travelers to carry their heavy suitcases. For travelers, a bed and breakfast is more comfortable than a hotel for a bed and breakfast. But at ootel.co it is both comfortable and cozy and very reasonably priced.
Therefore, check us out the next time you are looking for a bed and breakfast or a hotel bed and breakfast. We can too.

(This is information about hotels in Berlin)

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