Our parking
lots in front of the ootel offer the possibility to explore the city carefree. Leave your vehicle with us and take public transport to the center of Berlin.

If you decide to take your vacation or business trip by car, there is always the nagging question of having a free parking space in the back of your mind.

Especially in big cities, it is usually rare to find a nearby car park.

And if you want to go to the capital, where, in addition to a considerable number of inhabitants, there are always crowds of tourists and business travelers, no one would expect such a practical offer.

A private parking,
which is free whenever the guest comes?
To be too good to be true? Right!
But what would ootel, if not the desire for a parking space would be met here?

It’s hard to believe,
but we offer a convenient service for those needs. We offer our guests parking in front of the hostel, whether car or coach. You can conveniently park your vehicle directly in front of the hostel.

not only after a strenuous journey of discovery. The automobile should, as the name implies, give people mobility.
But would this really be the case if a long walk were to occur before using the car?

Surely one would think twice before making a spontaneous trip in the evening, when one has the fear of not finding a parking space after the nightly adventure.

In such cases,
either large distances would have to be taken into account, the necessary small change for the settlement of a penalty ticket for possible wrong parking available or a miracle happen.

Since it is much more comfortable to reserve the same parking in front of the hostel to enjoy the stay better.

(This is information about hotels in Berlin)