Pansion Berlin

Pansion Berlin

To find a Pansion Berlin near the center at an affordable price is not so easy. However, the fact that you can still find affordable accommodation with a high level of room selection and service is proven by the offer of as a young company can offer its guests more than just a warm and soft bed.

This speaks for the

Price must be right, if possible a good service, good location and also the rooms should still be nice. All these points can fulfill the as a Pansion Berlin. The price is right at the, because there is not only a limited offer of rooms, but a diverse one. These are hostel rooms on the one hand and hotel rooms. The service is right at as just a look at their website shows, because you can find a lot of things apart from the beds. Starting from a separate luggage room, free Wi-Fi which provides everywhere for Internet, a bike rental, a bar or even the barbecue area. And the service is here with the not yet conclusive. What speaks for the in addition, is their adjustment. The with its offer addresses itself to all humans from near and far, for the short term accommodation or in addition, for a longer time. In terms of orientation, families, couples, individuals and even groups will find what they are looking for.

Bright and modern rooms at

Friendly rooms with contemporary facilities await guests at This applies both to the rooms in the hostel of, but also to the hotel rooms. In the hostel, with the exception of the women’s room, the beds are not separated by gender. The size depends on the room. The rooms here can have up to ten soft beds. WC, washbasin and shower are a matter of course in the hostel rooms. There is not much difference here compared to the hotel rooms either. In hotel rooms, guests can look forward to a bathtub instead of a shower. At the Pansion Berlin there are still the mentioned hotel rooms, these are available with different rooms like a family room.

From in a few minutes to the center of Berlin

From the you can see very well the television tower of Berlin. Just this good view is due to the fact that the is located close to the center. Whether by car or by public transport such as the S-Bahn, you can reach the center of the very well. But you can also go to the center by bus, there is also a bus stop near the Pansion Berlin Just because of the proximity and if you want to go to the center, the bike is also good here. If you come to Berlin with your car, you don’t have to worry about parking or fees, at least during your stay at the The offers guests free parking. And if you don’t know your way around Berlin, you can pick up a free city map at the reception.