Our service in the hotel for you as our guest

Our service in the hotel for you as our guest

Our service in the hotel for you as our guest is very important to us in ootel. This includes good advice and insightful information, a friendly welcome and extensive catering. We value a courteous, always friendly man in dealing with our guests.

And we do everything we can do to make your stay a pleasant one. This requires a human-adapted concept for accommodation.

Previously, hotels or hostels were considered second-rate accommodations for “flower children” or individualists on self-discovery trips. However, that has changed significantly. Today, more and more guesthouses are trying to satisfy as many different needs as possible.

Some of our guests rate us after your stay with us, and we would like to thank them for helping to further improve our service.

If you also want to rate us in one of the many online portals, we are very happy about it. Of course, we would also like to know if something was not to your satisfaction. Finally, we would like to improve our service in the hotel for you as our guest. Our guests feel comfortable with us.

Our guests include backpackers as well as families with children, travel groups of all ages and people who come to Berlin for professional reasons. Many come by car or coach and we provide plenty of parking for them all. For all these people ootel offers a whole lot of different accommodations.

Our cheapest option is the super-low-budget bed in the dorm room, also known as a dorm or dorm. But we also offer double rooms and single rooms with a lot of comfort. And of course you will find everything in between at ootel.co.

It is also important to us that our service in the hostel is always the same for you as our guest. We do not distinguish between our guests.

The desire for a segregated occupancy of the shared rooms, we grant. Just let us know when booking, so that we can adjust to it on time. In our hostel there are even apartments or transitional apartments for rent, without contract or deposit, at unbelievable conditions. Our service in the hotel for you as our guest contributes significantly to the satisfaction of our guests.

Because we know how important this is to our guests, the reception at ootel.co is staffed by one or more employees at any time of the day or night. The same applies to the lobby bar, so you can have a coffee or a glass of wine at 5:30 in the morning. We have the lobby particularly generously furnished with high quality armchairs, sofas and other upholstered furniture.

There are also many tables with comfortable chairs and tables with upholstered benches in American diner design. For our music guests a piano is available and the playful ones among our guests enjoy the billiard table. Our group travelers often use these opportunities.

The large lawn with barbecue and garden furniture is also very popular. And of course these areas, just like the rooms, bathrooms and hallways, are cleaned daily and thoroughly. Hardly anyone travels to Berlin to stay at the hostel day and night.

Therefore, our service in the hotel for you as our guest on request includes information about city and sightseeing tours, activities and events in the capital. A city map with marked places, where you can find the many sights, get our guests free of charge at the front desk to take away. But Berlin is also a shopping city.

In almost every district there are one or more shopping malls and shopping streets. The offers are varied and numerous. Goods are offered in every price range. Exclusive for luxury accustomed as well as affordable with the pocket money. Everyone can find something beautiful in Berlin.

You kann ask us about the shopping miles in Berlin. We look forward to welcoming you to our next visit to Berlin and to ensuring that you are delighted with our service in the hostel for you as our guest.

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