Ootel Berlin

Ootel Berlin

Whether it’s having a few drinks at the bar with other guests, some barbecue in the garden or relaxing in the pool, many things are possible at Ootel Berlin. The Ootel.co is a hotel and hostel business in Berlin. Especially because of its hotel and hostel operation, the Ootel.co can offer guests a lot of things that go beyond a classic hotel room or beyond a bed.

From Ootel.co to shopping or university

The reason for a trip to Berlin can be very diverse. Whether shopping in the countless stores in the center of Berlin, to study at a university or because you just want to see the city. For each reason of a trip, the Ootel.co offers itself as accommodation very well. Here is a plus point at the Ootel.co especially the location. Whether you want to go to the Berlin government district with the Bundestag, to store in the center or to a university, due to the location near the center, many things are easily and quickly possible here. It is possible to get around quickly in Berlin by S-Bahn and bus. For both means of transport there are stops directly at the Ootel.co. About their lines you can easily reach from the Ootel Berlin, also other means of transport and lines.

What you can look forward to at Ootel.co

What you can look forward to at the Ootel.co, you can easily get an impression on their website. Of course, the rooms that the Ootel Berlin offers are at the core of this. These can also be booked via the website, even a longer booking is possible. You can choose between the hostel rooms and the hotel rooms, depending on whether you are traveling here as a single person or as a family. In the hostel rooms of Ootel.co is still to mention, here there is a women’s room between which you can choose and mixed rooms. And in the hostel rooms of Ootel.co there is another very important point, namely the number of sleeping places. Here there are very large rooms with up to 10 beds, these hostel rooms are very good for group travel or if you want to spend the night cheaply.

Ootel.co is geared to guests from all over the world

When it comes to checking in and out at Ootel.co, you don’t have to worry here. Ootel.co has a reception desk as a service for the guests. This is manned around the clock every day. And there is a special feature at the reception, namely the employees of Ootel.co. They are all multilingual, which is a great advantage for guests from all over the world. Thus, there can be no difficulties in communication. In addition to the multilingual staff of Ootel.co, there are also various options when booking here. This includes, for example, a special service number for guests from the USA.