Ootel und Objekte in Berlin

Ootel und Objekte in Berlin

There are a number of sights in Berlin that make a visit very attractive. But there is more than just historical buildings, and it can be worthwhile to get to know this city from a completely different perspective. We already get some impressions on television, to which the ARD capital studio is happy to contribute.

United States Embassy Berlin

Of course there is an embassy in Berlin from many nations that would also like to invite you for a guided tour. This includes the embassy of the Czech Republic in Berlin. Some only know these messages from television, but when visiting Berlin, these messages should perhaps also be visited. But one thing makes many people shy away from visiting Berlin. Because finding a cheap hotel there is usually not so easy. But there is also that in Berlin, where comfort is not neglected. If you prefer to travel in a group and then experience the ARD capital studio on site, you’d better look for a hostel. That is exactly what is under one roof, i.e. a hotel and a hostel in one. So the stay in Berlin can take a little longer. And then there is more time to visit the embassy of the Czech Republic in Berlin. Afterwards there would be the US Embassy in Berlin, which can then be visited on another day. Because if you have cheap accommodation in Berlin, you can stay a day or two longer.

The Ootel has a lot to offer

There is of course much more to visit in Berlin, especially when it comes to the seat of government or the representations of other countries. Of course everyone knows that Berlin is the capital and there is always something going on. Younger people love the parties and the full life there, although this generation is also interested in more things. To do this, the right accommodation must be found that is not in the country. This is exactly what the Ootel can offer, because the multi-bed rooms offer some comfort. The price depends on the number of beds, which means that groups can always find a bed here. Of course, individuals can also sleep in such a room, with each room having its own bathroom. So well rested, it is much more fun to experience the ARD capital studio live. If you are already there, you can go to the US Embassy in Berlin. However, young people like to go here to maybe demonstrate. But then there are other events that usually end later.
If you have cheap accommodation, you are guaranteed an advantage. The Ootel is not necessarily in Berlin Mitte, but is still very easy to reach. This also starts from the embassy of the Czech Republic in Berlin or from the ARD capital studio.

Ootel, the slightly different hotel

Of course, the Ootel does not only offer ideal accommodation for young people. Rather, also for older people who would like to visit Berlin one day. Families are just as welcome here as women traveling alone. Of course, these can also sleep undisturbed in a shared room, as there are special women’s rooms in the hostel. You can arrive by car as well as by public transport. This also goes from the US Embassy in Berlin, like from any other beautiful place in Berlin. The car can be parked directly behind the house, which is a great advantage. Those who have already been to the Ootel could also visit the embassy of the Czech Republic in Berlin. In addition, the Ootel offers a rich breakfast for its hostel guests, which only costs a small surcharge. This is included in the price for guests of the hotel free of charge. The smallest guests will find their own bed here and can have breakfast with their parents free of charge. A house that offers a lot.