Motel Berlin - interesting for many groups of people.

Motel Berlin – interesting for many groups of people.

Berlin is a very popular tourist destination. This was already the case in the days when Bonn was the federal capital. However, in the last thirty years, the interest in Berlin travel has become even greater. Because who would not like to walk unproblematically at the Brandenburg gate or run by the splendor street “under the lime trees” and see the seat of the Federal President and the Federal Chancellery at least times from the outside. Berlin is also very popular as a day trip destination, especially by tourists for whom the federal capital is on the way to their vacation destination. However, especially spontaneous trips to Berlin are not very attractive, because a booking of a hotel room in advance requires a booking and a hotel room in Berlin is also not exactly cheap. The situation is different if you spontaneously look for a room on the highway. This is a motel Berlin, which is also possible on – a website that offers various tourist services.

What is a motel?

The term motel does seem quite familiar. Especially if you have seen some US movies or US series, there is always talk about staying in a motel. In the back of your mind, you know from the movies and series that this is a cheap, but also sporadic type of accommodation, but many people are not even aware that there are motels in Germany. A motel is a room in an accommodation facility directly on the highway or a highway or federal highway. Attached is a small restaurant or it is a motor court or a service area. You do not have to be afraid that you sleep directly on the highway. To find a motel Berlin is a little off the highway routes that run through Berlin. Ideally, a motel is suitable for travelers who either visit Berlin only briefly in one day and for this purpose leave the highway and park in the city and then go to the Motel Berlin to spend the night, because from the time a further trip could only take place overtired, which is not so good.

Accommodation and hospitality

A motel offers thereby apart from the accommodation for one night (or also several nights) also a hospitality. This is usually a breakfast room. Another characteristic of a motel is that there is no reception. The booking and the handing over and return of keys is usually done through the attached catering establishment or the gas station located on the premises. Motels are usually designed for short stays. The rooms are sporadically furnished – only with one bed or several beds as well as a seat. There is usually no closet in the room, as suitcases are usually taken out of the car but not unpacked. If you plan to stay overnight in a motel you should pack a small bag with the utensils you need for the one night in the motel, such as pajamas, toothbrush and fresh clothes for the next morning.