Motel Berlin

Motel Berlin

Alexanderplatz is for many the central flagship of Berlin and of course Ootel with its motel makes no exception here. After all, the company knows with its very centrally located accommodation, which is about 15 minutes away from the infamous Alexanderplatz, the favor of such a good connection with public transport as well as their own vehicle, which leads to the fact that this motel is rightly very well booked. However, it should be clear right from the start that the Ootel Motel in Berlin also has the variety of additional services included in the price, which would have to be booked separately elsewhere. A barbecue area calls the motel its own, but also the bike rental stands out and not to forget the private parking – these are already impressive conditions that a motel otherwise not ubiquitous has to offer and make Ootel rightly a popular motel in Berlin!

Berlin invites everyone for sightseeing

Although Berlin is the German capital does not mean that everyone really knows the respective sights. Especially Alexanderplatz is a very well known place to go for Berliners, but this is also where tourism conglomerates. For this very reason, Ootel sits with its motel very close to the source of this particular sight and proves to be a one-stop shop for nightly accommodation. Incidentally, near Alexanderplatz, the public transport links are also so outstanding that no one would need their private vehicle in the capital or have to rent an expensive rental car! From here, the Brandenburg Gate can be easily reached, but also the Reichstag building is not far away. The great sights are a great template as a photo motif to be able to capture the memories in the best way and thus never forget Berlin again.

For all types of tourists, Berlin offers a certain diversity

Of course, Ootel with its motel in Berlin is a really great and comfortable place to stay to make your nights in the capital worthwhile. Comfortable and modern, the rooms there are furnished so that tourists can easily find accommodation here. Thus, the traveler with little budget can accommodate here with pleasure, but also groups, students and pensioners come here with pleasure to receive the room key from the multilingual staff at the gates of Berlin. Because from now on, vacationers of all stripes have the opportunity to see memorials like the Berlin Wall in Marzahn or visit other historical events like the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie. While art and museum lovers are sure to have their needs met with Museum Island, the Pergamon Museum and the East Side Gallery.

Berlin’s gates are always open for all travelers

In addition to the motel in Berlin by Ootel, Berlin offers itself for year-round travel. Primarily, it depends on the particular type of travel to be able to match the right time. Especially the fall and spring are very good times here, if it should not be too crowded. While the Christmas season with Breitscheitplatz are certainly for Christmas fans in the capital a real eye-catcher. But sights such as Charlottenburg Palace, the Victory Column or the Berlin TV Tower are a real eye-catcher all year round, the weather does not change anything. And when it’s not so sunny, the retreat with free wifi thanks to Ootel can certainly be a real highlight in itself.

Berlin is a great city with more than 3.5 million inhabitants and certainly as many millions of vacationers per year. Ootel is with its cheap motel in the capital therefore a real highlight for every wallet to accommodate comfortably but in a frugal way in Berlin. This makes the city trip all the more fun and can also be perfectly worthwhile for friends, family and groups.

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