Completed training as a merchant / businessman for tourism and leisure Practical experience in the hotel and tourism industry Very good German and English skills, ideally further foreign languages ​​A quick comprehension, engagement, reliability and secrecy in person, by phone and by e-mail Leading the cash desk Development and Marketing of target group-oriented concepts for tourist programs Creation of services, leisure activities and events Participation in image design, development of marketing and advertising concepts Monitoring and participation in the breakfast buffet in the restaurant Control of the rooms, sanitary facilities and possibly. Assisting with Cleaning Tasks related to Organization and Administration Commercial Tasks and Administrative Activities Preparatory Tasks in Human Resources and Accounting If you have employment, with all these responsibilities and enjoyment, then you might be the right person for you. We look forward to receiving your complete and complete application, preferably by e-mail to a, indicating the availability and a telephone number where we can help you.

(This is information about hotels in Berlin)