Hour room in Berlin
Berlin, 30 degrees in the shade and 3 more dates are in front of you? Read mails and documents in the crowded S-Bahn or in the café with the appropriate background noise? Not perfect for completing a successful business day.
A meeting lasts longer, the flight is quickly rebooked, but where then spend the waiting hours? At the airport uncomfortable in the waiting seats or in one of the restaurants with an unobstructed view of the surrounding tables on your screen? No requirement to complete a busy day and work it up immediately.

Why a hourroom?

An air-conditioned hotel room with a desk to work off the accumulated mails in peace, then a refreshing shower and a quick snack in the hotel restaurant before the appointment marathon in the capital goes into the second round! This is what your business day can look like when you take advantage of the hourroom in a hotel.
Quiet working with all the advantages of a running hotel and a private room at leisure. Whether the refreshing shower on hot days or a power nap to recharge the batteries, a hours room offers benefits that a meeting room or niche in a café in preparation for the next appointment does not have!
Even the short-term organizing of meetings in your own hotel suite or apartment can be arranged. An hour of relaxation in the spa? Again, you will find something. It is up to you what exactly you want to use the room on time.

Where can you find hours room?

If required, a corresponding offer is always created very quickly, and so today you can also search the Internet for the term hourly room seriously. From the 5 * luxury hotel to the design-oriented budget hotel, the selection ranges. Room service or even the trip to the bar or the restaurant, it is as always alone with you.
The search criterion in many specialized websites is the check-in time. Unlike with pre-scheduled arrivals, you are looking for the room immediately or perhaps after the end of the current business meeting. With up to 75% discount on the usual room rate, you can treat yourself to luxury here, even without admiring the rain shower in the 5 * hotel.
Many of the sites offer benefits to the day-trippers of a city, the business travelers who arrive early in the morning and leave for their last company on their last plane. Included W-Lan and espresso machine for targeted work are gladly used.
Find the various providers of rooms for daily use and be surprised by the variety of possibilities.
What must a hotel with an hourly room offer?

The mentioned, free Internet access once provided makes for many business travelers with their own car, especially the parking lot at the hotel much sense. After all, you do not want to find the next public garage first.
A restaurant and a bar are also among the often desired criteria. However, hourly rooms often associate themselves with a planned lunch break between several appointments. The snack or the cappuccino on the terrace of the hotel, before you rush back into the daily routine, enjoy great popularity.
A convenient connection to the public lines is also part of the most frequently used filter function. Like the car park, you want to be able to reach your hotel quickly and easily continue to the next meeting.

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