If you have a teaching assignment at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin (BHT) as a lecturer or if you want to attend an event there, you always have to take care of accommodation if you are not coming from Berlin. But especially if you only want to stay in the city for a short time because of an appointment at the Beuth University, an hourly room is usually completely sufficient here. And just here comes as hour room the Ootel.com into play, because it offers itself very well.

The room for a few hours at Ootel.com

If you only need an hourly room Berlin for a few hours, you are exactly right with the booking of the Ootel.com. For the Ootel.com speaks here not only the offer of rooms, but especially the service. What is meant by this is shown at Ootel.com, for example, with the reception. The reception is always available for the guests, as it is manned around the clock. Just by this circumstance, one gets here questions not only always help, but can in addition also at any time easily arrivals and departures and is not bound here to fixed times. At the reception you also have the advantage that you have foreign language staff. Especially if you are a lecturer at the Beuth University and only come from abroad for a few hours, you can communicate more easily. In addition to easy communication, it is also very easy to make reservations here. Since there are here for foreign guests own service numbers for booking.

These are the hour rooms at Ootel.com

When it comes to an hour room Berlin, so it can be many things here at the Ootel.com. So you can choose here at the Ootel.com for a real hotel room, as for a single room. A nice soft bed is just as much a matter of course here as a private bathroom. If you do not need a real hotel room for the few hours of your stay in Berlin, you can also choose a hostel at Ootel.com. The Ootel.com has hostel rooms, which are occupied mixed. If one is female and would rather not use such a hostel room, there is a women’s room at the Ootel.com. These rooms are also equipped with a bathroom. To the further equipment of the rooms also free WLAN belongs, so one can work here also in the Ootel.com, like prepare a lecture for the Beuth university for technology Berlin (BHT). Even if one stays only a few hours in the Ootel.com, one does not have to do without comfort. So you do not have to take your luggage to the university during your stay, but can leave it safely in the Ootel.com, in a separate luggage room.

To the university and service in the Ootel.com

The Ootel.com offers not only hourly rooms Berlin, but still has a bike rental, a bar, a garden, a lobby with a market and also offers guests a free parking. Whether you want to go to Beuth-Hochschule für Technik Berlin (BHT) with a rental car or with public transport, here you have the choice. If you want to go by public transport, it is well possible, for example, with the line of the S-Bahn.