Hotel with shared room
The concept of shared rooms has long been a popular alternative to classic hotel holidays. Sleep dorms instead of single rooms are in demand and can be found more and more frequently in many cities around the world. Especially for solo travelers, a hotel with shared rooms is the ideal opportunity to meet new people to spend their holidays with interesting people who may travel alone or in a group. A hotel with shared rooms also gives the impression of community. You share a room, a bath and are much easier to talk to each other. Especially with a longer individual trip, which was started alone, it is so advantageous to find such contact with other people easier through such premises. So it is super easy to exchange about past trips or to tell the other travelers the best tips to Berlin. The more young travelers have the perfect opportunity to spend a great time in the capital.

By sharing the room, the single beds can be offered for a cheaper price than the single room, which is gladly accepted by young travelers. But even for larger groups own these rooms, since there are more sleeping facilities in a single room. Whether school classes, sports clubs or a large group of friends, in our rooms, every type of group finds the most suitable sleep options. In addition to single beds, the rooms are also equipped with bunk beds, which create more space in the room and can accommodate up to 10 people in a room.

The rooms are all equipped with a bathroom, are all modernly furnished and have wifi. The front desk is staffed 24 hours a day, helping with individual travel planning around Berlin, giving you free maps of the city or information on buses and trains. Our hotel has a 24-hour bar that provides travelers with fruity cocktails, refreshing beers and tasty snacks. Every morning a delicious breakfast is served, which is inclusive and therefore already included in the price of the bed.

(This is information about hotels in Berlin)