Hotel with parking

Hotel with parking

Hotel with parking

Business trip to Berlin, to distribute a lot of presents to the partners, then it is best to travel by car. Hotel with parking is thus the most important criterion in the choice of accommodation.

Easily accessible and well connected, getting quickly from A to B, the perfect choice for the stay.
Parking in front of the hotel and right after breakfast on the way to the first meeting. A hotel with parking makes it easy to organize your trip.

Without a long search and kilometer-long hike to the next public parking garage a service that may cause a little cost. Mobility is thus always given.

Discover Berlin and not forget the surrounding area? Especially for trips to cool off at the Wannsee, in the freshness of the Spreewald or along the Havel, the car is often used.

Outside of Berlin, parking is not a problem and there are plenty of places to visit. But to start your trip spontaneously or on your own schedule, a parking space is required right next to the hotel.

So what’s better than putting your beloved car right in front of it and having it available at all times?
Berlin also means shopping experiences and a big shopping mall. Not far from or directly connected, visitors can expect parking spaces to conveniently store the new designer pieces.

No hours of hauling countless bags and trying packed like a world traveler, but still squeeze through the door of the subway or suburban train.

The car can also stand longer in these multi-storey car parks to stroll through the surrounding streets and enjoy a cappuccino, a glass of wine or the famous Berliner Weiße in one of the trendy cafés.

If the hotel has a parking space directly in front of or behind the house, shopping bags, counter gifts from business partners or other things traveling with you can remain in the car and you can save a lot of unnecessary luggage in the hotel room and back.

Relaxed and strengthened you start the next day on the hunt for further impressions or make your way to the next dates.
A parking lot at the hotel is in the selection of his accommodation a not to be despised criterion.

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