Hotel with good traffic connections
The is a hotel in Berlin in the district of Marzahn – Hellersdorf, which is located directly on the avenue of cosmonauts. Located in the east of the city, the hotel has good transport links to quickly get to the center of the German capital. Whether by car, bicycle or public transport, the is conveniently located for business people and individuals.

Car parking:
If traveling by car by car, the hotel can be reached from the north via the B158 road at the cosmonaut alley. On the other hand, if you are coming from the south of the city, then the route via the B96a at the Plänterwald and the Görlitzer Park over the B1 to the east and then again north on the B158 to the turnoff. The B1 is also recommended for people from the West and East.

Rail connection:
The public transport network is considered one of the best timed and developed networks in Germany. The trams sometimes run every two minutes and Deutsche Bahn, together with the regional transport companies, has expanded the suburban train and subway system to guarantee a traffic jam-free and trouble-free arrival.

The fastest way to get from the Hotel to the center of Berlin is the S-Bahn S7 from the Berlin Springpfuhl station. The Alexanderplatz can be reached in just 18 minutes without changing and from there you can visit the numerous sights of the city.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a slower ride through the streets of Berlin, you should hop on the tram or bus at the “Allee der Kosmonauten / Rhinstraße” stop and you will be half an hour in the city center.

Bicycle parking:
For a sporting activity, you should change to the bike, the roads are almost completely equipped with wheel tracks and it allows you to cycle through the parks of Berlin or to enjoy nature on the Spree.
Various cycle signposts show the way and it offers through the numerous bike paths that have been specially created so that visitors can experience the city and the surrounding area. In Marzahn on the B158 coming from Ahrensfelde there is a long-distance cycle route, which leads directly to the center of Berlin via the B1 and contains a safe bike lane.

Airport connection:
Traveling from abroad or other major cities in Germany to the can be handled most quickly by plane and then by taxi or public transport. There are currently two major airports in Berlin, which in the future will be supplemented by the BER airport. The airport in the southeast of Berlin-Schönefeld transports about 1 million guests per month and is with about 9,000 flight movements in half compared to the airport Tegel. This produces around 2 million guests from home and abroad every month. The journey to the hotel is about 30 – 40 minutes depending on the current traffic from both airports.

Depending on the means of transport with which you wish to travel to the Hotel, it is well worth a visit, as it has never been easier to get ahead in Berlin. Thanks to the well-developed transport network, you can avoid commuter traffic or possible traffic problems in many different ways and enjoy your stay to the fullest without stress.