Hotel last minute

You are out with your family or friends and looking for/needs a last minute hotel then you are at right. We are reachable 24h which means we are open 24h and you can call us anytime you whant or you can just book us on the internet. Hotel last Minute are appealing, some are huge, some are too far away and do not even have more space. is a huge hotel with a huge parking lot. So if you come very late or so, you do not need to worry about making a pact. Since we have enough parking. We have a doner kebab shop direkct among us. This may interest you if you are hungry 🙂 If you come to us we offer you Turkish tea or coffee if you want. We have a bar open 24h.

A last minute hotel should be clean, should be cheap, have something to drink and eat and best still be with internet. This is exactly what offers.