Hotel hostel for 5 to 10 people

Hotel hostel for 5 to 10 people

Hotel hostel for 5 to 10 people

Berlin is a beautiful city and there is so much to discover. If you want to spend a little time and do not want to spend too much money to sleep, it’s a good idea to shortlist a hostel. Even hotel comfort can be quite cheap today – perhaps surprisingly. If you look at a specific option: the provider

This is characterized by either hotel convenience or functional, good hostel atmosphere. You have the choice. If you travel in a larger group, or with a larger family, then you have logically also more space. First of all, of course, for the traveling people, but also for their comfort and their luggage, enough space must be available.

Ootel takes care of its guests by not only providing plenty of space. This depends entirely on the preferences of the guests. Because there are single rooms, double rooms (hotel) and 4, 6, 8 and 10 dormitories (bedrooms) for larger groups or large families.

This is ideal if you want to spend a cheap holiday with all the comforts. There is a private bathroom, women’s bedroom, shower, heating, clean sheets and a feel-good atmosphere. And at a very small price: Because Ootel offers accommodation for tourists, business travelers and tourists, who have an overnight stay in front of them, as well.

Every section of the population is addressed and can have a memorable stay at Ootel. There is every room type, no matter if hotel or hostel, well equipped. You can expect that from Ootel, and that’s what it stands for. Ootel also strives to provide the best in its category, and a well-developed lobby with a wide range of entertainment certainly stands for that.

There are XXL TVs, a pool table and a bar where you can have a good chat. Also for children Ootel has a lot on offer. The kids can study a free city map and choose their favorite snack at the snack machine for a low price. At the same time, the parents spare the budget of a large family of 5 or more children. 5 or even up to 10 people can be accommodated in’s spacious hostel bedrooms, which are well-kept and ensure a smooth, enjoyable vacation.

Whether you are sightseeing in Berlin, either in the zoo, in the different neighborhoods, whether you look at the studios, the trendy bars or whether you want to spend the night for a professional conference. Ootel as host is always a very good choice, which you should definitely keep in mind when traveling to Berlin. Ootel, with its friendly and systematically well-thought-out headquarters, can be found in the Alley of Cosmonauts 32 in the city. Friendly and well-trained staff look after the reception, which is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring a smooth check-in and a great reception.

You will not want to leave the cozy room at Ootel. Larger groups are looked after charmingly and with the necessary details. Of course, Ootel is clean and safe and has the latest technical standards such as Wi-Fi. The internet connection is quick and inexpensive for those who work and still enjoy the flair and stay at Ootel. A holiday for a larger group of people can also be great in the 8 or 10 bedroom. Ootel provides the necessary conditions.

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