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If a hotel in Berlin, more specifically Berlin Tegel is searched, is often the question: may it be expensive, should it be cheap? And above all, should it be conveniently located? Should the airport be nearby and easily accessible? Should sights be waiting on the doorstep? Should it offer good quality at a manageable price? Should it be fair, clean and appealing?

If you answer “yes” to several or all of these questions, the answer is obvious: Book only through Here, easy-care manners are guaranteed. Easy and easy to book here Hotel / Youth Hostel. Ootel has its headquarters in the avenue of cosmonauts in Berlin. A well maintained hostel for all occasions is offered, even for just one night.

For a visit to the capital, it is worthwhile to look at There are always hostel offers for family stays (family vacation), business trips or just an overnight stay. It is a good and cheap way to stay. Spacious rooms can accommodate a whole family (for example, 6 beds). There are also bars in some of these hostels where you can comfortably end the evening.

Surrounded by greenery, this hostel is ideal for relaxing, but also to work on important documents. Here you will find the right inspiration. In the case of Berlin Tegel, the hostel is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with TV, radio and pool table. It is ideal for single travelers, for singles, for families and always for a reasonable price.
It is also not an issue if you want to travel by car.

Parking is available and available. The WiFi is very cheap and has a very good connection. One night costs 17 euros for one person, which is an unbeatable price for Ootel. Even cheaper you can get it, because Ootel advertises already with a price from 9 euros. You get a city map / city map and can leave your luggage for free in the meantime. There is a separate luggage room.

There are in the rooms (also at
the cheapest prices) already toilet and shower available and you have cheap internet access. This is really luxurious for a hostel in this price range, you get a lot on offer. The Hotel Berlin Tegel by Ootel is also something for wedding guests.

Here you can celebrate the bachelor party in an appealing atmosphere or arrange the celebration after the wedding according to your wishes. From the table decoration to the music. Friendly and of course multilingual staff take care of the travelers at Ootel, they always have an open ear available. Another offer is very up to date: The Tiny Rooms at Ootel (

These are specially designed for people who do not want or can not spend a fortune on a short stay. The Tiny Rooms are well equipped with seating, storage space and bed. They are built on the principle of Capsule Hotels in Japan. Space for a person who wants to stay overnight and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Of course this is possible at the Ootel, and anyone looking for a hotel in Berlin Tegel should definitely consider this option.

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