Hostel youth hostel

Hostel youth hostel

Overnight stays in a hostel known to be cheap, which pleased everyone with a limited budget. The classic youth hostel audience are so-called backpackers. These are young people with a big backpack who do not have the budget for an expensive hotel.

Also groups like students on school trips or young families with children like to use the cheap rooms of a hostel.

We have included many extras: breakfast with drinks for three hours, parking for vehicles such as cars and coaches, bed linen, Wi-Fi for all who want to the Internet, a towel and a city map for the city of Berlin.

The ootel in Berlin is a youth hostel, a hotel and an apartment rental company. We offer different rooms. We have beds in bedrooms, family rooms with beds as needed, rooms for one or two people and rooms for temporary living.

The great thing about the apartments is that they are much cheaper than 1-bedroom apartments. You do not need to leave a deposit, it is certainly no information obtained at the Schufa.

As you can see, we are a very versatile youth hostel in Berlin. Attention youth groups, school classes and all young, active guests of our hostel, we have a really cool address for you: the beach zone near us in Berlin Marzahn.

What can you do there? It is amazing! It is an indoor hall for beach volleyball with real beach sand and real palm trees, lots of beach chairs and even a beach bar with Caribbean flair. Legalize!

No matter how the weather is outside, in the beach zone the sun is always shining and there is always holiday mood. Not only to play, but also to relax and to celebrate, because there are often parties and different events.

That should have happened to every one of our guests. In the Hostel Hostel we have not only a lot of space in the lobby for sitting, relaxing or dancing. Also popular with all guests is our pool table. The bar and the reception are always open.

The hostel is cleaned daily, both the rooms, bathrooms and toilet, as well as all hallways, stairs, the lobby, the entrance area at the reception and the restaurant.

If you want to book a cheap night, book with us good service. It is very important to us that our guests feel comfortable and enjoy their stay in Berlin.

If you would like to celebrate something with your travel group in our hostel hostel, for example a graduation or a Karaoke evening, please contact us. We organize and arrange everything according to your wishes.

If we are to hold a special event or celebration for you, no matter how many people and how fancy your ideas may be, we will do everything possible and impossible to make your event a success. Just ask us.

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