Hostel in Berlin

Who does not know that? You want to go on holiday, but the budget – although calculated exactly – is not really enough for a big jump. Or you are very price conscious and do not want to spend a lot of sightseeing for a few days. Also for a new offer has the solution: Ootel. It is conveniently hotel and hostel in one and you can choose which category you choose for your stay.

The thing is: Both categories are very cheap and unbeatable in price. For a hotel room is available from 49 euros, a hostel room is available from 17 euros. In general, the prices start at Ootel from 9 euros. Since you should think about how much you save, if you choose this holiday offer. It is definitely a great offer, which does not allow many considerations.

Ootel offers many room types, so there is the right room for every family or group size. The hostel is neat, clean, offers the necessary comfort and really a solid basic equipment, which can be seen in comparison. The hotel is of course upscale and offers some luxury. If you are looking for a hostel to explore Berlin with all its beauty and diversity, then Ootel is the place to go.

It’s a great way to stay cheap and not compromise on quality.
Ootel strives to offer its guests something for their money.

So you will find in the avenue of cosmonauts 32, the headquarters of everything the holidaymaker needs. A friendly and competent reception open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, who will be happy to help with any advice. The wishes are read to the guests despite the low budget concept from the eyes.

Ootel has an attractively designed lobby with a nice, large flat-screen TV that provides the best entertainment, even for parents and their children. Children can get cool drinks and there is also a bar for the parents. Lovingly, therefore, care is taken for small and large guests.
Room types are quite differently designed at Ootel.

Hostel rooms are available as 10- or 8-person bedrooms, with double beds, twin beds and bunk beds available. So everyone can choose their favorite place to sleep. The double beds are separable, for absolute well-being also provide a private bathroom, a shower, a heater and rooms for women only. Ootel likes to go out professionally every customer request.

From the “base” Ootel, one can explore Berlin in peace and without stress. Or you want to use it for a business trip and not spend a lot of money. Both are attractive ways to use the hostel. Attractions in Berlin include the Alexanderplatz, the zoo, the zoo, the TV tower, numerous artist studios and cafes invite you to linger. When you come home exhausted from a theme day, you have the precious assurance that you have a comfortable, clean bed to sleep in, which Ootel offers.

The rooms are far above functional, clean and very comfortable. The view is similar to a luxurious hotel room, which you can and want to use. Ootel is therefore tailored to all needs. Whether you are traveling alone or in a large group, whether you have business or sightseeing. It is always fun and fun to discover Ootel again and again for yourself.

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