Hostel in Berlin -

Hostel in Berlin –

The long planned trip is just around the corner and you don’t want to spend too much money on accommodation. It is best to book a hostel here, of course. Read here about the advantages of the Ootel Hostel compared to other providers … – here you book smart!

Especially when money is tight, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on accommodation during a trip. A hostel is of course the best choice. But not only the price is a clear advantage with such a booking. Read here why you can find all the necessary criteria for an affordable hostel at

The home atmosphere

Above all, you want to feel comfortable in the accommodation. That is more than given here. Chic and clean, cozy and yet private. At Ootel you have the peace and quiet you need to feel at home. The hostel is anything but dull, offers the expected comfort and invites you to relax.

The common room

Of course, a hostel must also have a room where you can get to know other travelers. At Ootel Hostel that is also considered. The comfortably furnished common area offers opportunities to enjoy a coffee in complete relaxation or to exchange ideas with other holidaymakers. With modern furnishings and a quiet atmosphere, absolute well-being is ensured.

A kitchen like home

A well-equipped kitchen is the be-all and end-all. The equipment in the kitchen area at Ootel offers everything a traveler’s heart desires. An attractive option of self-catering allows every guest to enjoy their relaxation. Free water, plenty of breakfast options and a quiet corner are all you need. Ootel attaches great importance to high-quality catering and the wishes of every guest.

Every employee is ready to help

In addition to good food, there is of course also nice staff in the hostel. Regardless of whether you have open questions or need something, the employees at Ootel always try to help out.

The perfect location

Berlin is in itself a beautiful city that offers a lot to see. In the Ootel Hostel you also have the opportunity to find out about individual sights, to inquire about the location of individual locations if necessary and to have the city explained to you. The location offers sufficient transport links to every part of the city. There are also plenty of restaurants near the hostel, as well as ATMs, clubs and cafes.

Security is very important

Of course you want to feel safe every time you stay at the hostel. Adequate security is ensured at Ootel. You can safely lock your private belongings and leave your conscience in the hostel while exploring Berlin undisturbed.

There are also plenty of extras. Free additional services, such as clean towels as required, catering at any time and information about everything you are interested in, are standard.

What the price offers

The prices are anything but too high. With a minimum price of only 9 euros you can already book a place to sleep. The offer is also much larger. You can book single rooms as well as comfortable double beds with additional equipment. The booking itself is extremely simple and is very quick. With just a few clicks you can book a room on You usually get an answer in just a few minutes.

The hostel is located just 15 minutes from Berlin city center. There is also enough parking space in front of the building. Those who are not traveling by car can reach the S-Bahn in just a few steps from the hostel. From there it is only a few minutes’ drive to sights such as Alexanderplatz.
If you consider how inexpensive the Ootel Hostel is in comparison to the competition, all criteria for a perfect accommodation are given. The price-performance ratio leaves nothing to be desired.


Those who want to explore Berlin, are backpacking or simply do not want to spend a lot of money on a place to sleep can find enough comfort for little money at the Ootel Hostel. Just try!