In search of a budget hotel, guesthouse, youth hostel or hostel in Berlin Alexanderplatz you will find it is not so easy to find cheap hostels in Berlin Mitte. For an apartment in this area of ​​Berlin you pay horrendous prices. Although it is said that everything is so cheap in Berlin – this is certainly true in comparison to other European cities – the prices in Berlin at Alexanderplatz or Alex, as we say in Berlin, are not so low.

Hotels are just as expensive here as at Potsdamer Platz, in Kudamm near or Unter den Linden. A single room in a hotel or hostel in Berlin at the Alexanderplatz costs in the best case for one night quickly between 60 € and 100 €. With us at you get a single room with breakfast from 29 € and a bed from 7 €. There is also a place on the hotel parking lot and Wi-Fi included.

Find a parking spot on the Alex. ^^ Our hotel is always open, so you will meet a receptionist at any time. Of course, the bar is always open. You always get one Softdrink or one Cocktail to Wish served. In addition to the breakfast buffet for three hours in the morning, there is an All You Can Eat surprise buffet from 13:00 to 20:00 daily for only € 7 per person.

The distance from our hotel to the Berlin Alexanderplatz is short, because we have a few steps from the hostel the S-Bahn lines S7 and S75. With both you come directly and without changing to Alex. The journey takes a maximum of 15 minutes. So it’s worth it to save a lot of money for the accommodation and instead of staying at the place, stay overnight with us in the hostel.

This leaves more of the travel budget for activities and shopping. Our ootel is located on the edge of the city center. This brings many advantages, not only the lower price for accommodation, but also because there is a lot of greenery here. We have a large meadow for our guests, which can be used to your heart’s content. There you can sunbathe, cook ribs or have a romantic or family picnic. Do you like to play soccer?

Then they just do sports there. You can relax read a book in our cozy Lobby in the hotel, e.g. Berlin Alexanderplatz, a well-known novel by Alfred Döblin, which appeared in 1929 and in which the writer describes everyday life in the so-called “Berlin milieu”. He describes the city of Berlin at the end of the 1920s and the pertinent places. The portrayal of life and of the people in the city succeeds him immensely alive. Certainly a major reason for the great success of the novel.

The anti-hero Franz Biberkopf, a typical member of the proletariat, berlinert, drinks, was already in jail for manslaughter. He already had many typical worker jobs, was a peddler, pimp, robber and Nazi sympathizer. He has the wrong friends who dissuade him from his purpose of becoming a good person. So everything gets worse and worse in his life and he ends up in jail again.

After all, his curvaceous life takes him to the madhouse, until at the end he gets a chance to leave his broken life behind.Stay overnight with us in the hotel in Berlin, to the Alexanderplatz you take the S-Bahn in 15 minutes to this impressive place. And they are one of the approximately 36,000 visitors who populate the Alex every day.

Originally the “Alex” was used by the Prussian army as a parade ground, then it was decided in 1805 to rename it Alexanderplatz. This happened in honor of the Russian Tsar Alexander I. And there is also a lot to discover around the Alex. Attractions: The Berlin TV tower with the dome, which is constantly langsm turns.

Upstairs in the restaurant, Berlin can look around while you eat comfortably. The Red Town Hall from 1869, built by Hermann Friedrich Waesemann, is the seat of the Governing Mayor of Berlin and the Berlin Senate. The World Clock, designed by Erich John and set up in 1969. On it are the names of 148 cities. Today, the clock with the stylized world is known only as a world clock, originally it was called Urania World Clock.

In demolition work in the course of a redesign of the square in 1966 found a Urania weather column, which gave the clock then her name. The Nikolaiviertel with the Nikolaikirche. The buildings in this area are the oldest evidence of the settlements Cölln and Berlin, which together became our city Berlin.

In the busiest square in Europe, there are also several restaurants and cafés. Not to forget the numerous shops, they offer the possibility for extensive shopping tours. The Alexanderplatz can be reached in a few minutes from the, as well as the Friedrichstraße or Bellevue and the Tiergarten.

(This is information about hotels in Berlin)