Hostel Berlin - ideal for backpackers

    Hostel Berlin – ideal for backpackers

Berlin welcomes several million tourists a year. In 2019, the federal capital could record more than 34 million overnight stays. Tourists come to the federal capital for different reasons. Many even want to vacation there for a few weeks. Some also stay in the federal capital for just a few days to simply take in the main sights, even from the outside. Other tourists – like backpackers – are even only for a few hours in the city before they continue their way. If these backpackers want to book an overnight stay in Berlin, then they do this of course not in the most expensive hotel in the city, but rather switch to a hostel Berlin. This is a very inexpensive accommodation, which backpackers use partly only for one night. The reason for this is that in a hostel usually always a place to sleep is free in one of the shared rooms there and the price for this is in the budget of backpackers, who are usually traveling on a small budget for a long time.

Sporadic rooms for international audience

A hostel Berlin has bunk beds – also often called bunkbeds – because of the economy of space. The rooms are more like dormitories, but are designed as shared rooms. Apart from Berlin, hostels in Germany are generally only found in heavily frequented travel destinations, especially in major cities. The offers around the hostels Berlin are aimed at an international audience, who are traveling as backpackers. It is therefore not surprising that in a hostel like in Berlin, the common lingua franca among the residents is English at the time of the shared rooms and the hostel management. It is either individual traveling backpackers or even small groups of backpackers who rent a room in a hostel. Since the backpackers also usually carry a tent for an emergency overnight stay under the open sky, the demands of these accommodation guests are not particularly large. A room can be booked, for example, on The largest hostels in major cities such as Berlin have a capacity of several hundred beds.

Breakfast and WLAN included

Unlike overnight stays in a hostel, you do not have to be a member of a society as a private individual. Hostels are run by companies. Breakfast is provided in a hostel in common rooms. Sanitary facilities are also shared and are usually very large. Washing machines are also available, as the offer for overnight stays in the hostels is primarily aimed at backpackers, who have a possibility to wash their dirty laundry in this way. In addition, shared kitchens are also available in a hostel. Features of a better standard of a hostel are sinks and toilets in the rooms and an opaque curtain on the bed, a locker and a room key for each occupant of the room as well as 4- or 6-bed rooms. WLAN is usually available free of charge in the hostels. That is, extra costs do not apply here.