You are looking for a hostel in Berlin at the main station? Near the train station there are numerous youth hostels, hotels and hostels as well as apartments. Which hostel is closest to you is easy to ergooglen.
The is certainly not, but still it remains a good address for travelers and visitors to Berlin. Because of the one comes in a few minutes with the S-Bahn to the main station. Our may not be the closest accommodation, but our offers are still worth considering. A night with breakfast, Wi-Fi and parking, is in our very cheap.
You do not have to upgrade msl yet.
On the site was previously the Lehrter city station with the then existing West-East route./
Nevertheless, all travelers find their trains without stress.
The main train station, the regional train, the S-Bahn and the subway run through the main station, but this alone does not explain the high number of visitors. Many people also come to the approximately 80 shops and restaurants that are open daily.
Very popular among the visitors who travel from our hotel in Berlin to the main station, in addition to the shops and the Panorama Lifts, as well as the proximity to interesting buildings and squares.
The Federal Chancellery, the Paul-Löbe-Haus, the Bundestag, the House of World Cultures, the Deutsches Theater Berlin and the Berlin Medical Museum are just next to the main train station.
The glass roof construction of the main station allows a lot of light into the building and is nice to look at. Particularly interesting are the transparent solar cells installed in the glass. The photovoltaic system supplies electricity to the station.
No wonder that the ‘Pro-Rail Alliance’ named Berlin Central Station the 2007 station of the year. An interesting piece of information on the edge of the construction and planning of the station is the copyright dispute between the architect of Gerkan and the builder of the project, the German railway.
Because during the construction, the railway changed the actually planned ceiling construction in the basement and built instead of a vaulted ceiling a flat ceiling. The architect Meinhard von Gerkan complained and got right.
The railway had thus violated the copyright of the architect in the draft. She should have discussed the change with him. This decision of the Landgericht Berlin was generally acknowledged as the right step in the protection of copyright.
Many of our guests come to our hotel in Berlin from the main station, because they often arrive in Berlin.
From there you just 3 minutes walk to the Ootel. The reception is also occupied at night, an arrival is possible at any time.
Also in the floors you can spend the night cheap.
Or opt for a hotel room with its own bathroom and toilet, a TV and a closet. If you want to know how to get from the hotel in Berlin to the main train station or to other places in Berlin, then ask us at the reception. We are happy to give you a city map, on which the means of transport are also marked.

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