Hostel Berlin

Hostel Berlin

Whether for one night, for apartment hunting, vacation or for business reasons, the is the right hostel Berlin. The is not only a hotel, but also a hostel. And with its hostel offer the knows to convince, so that one would like to book here immediately its Hostelzimmer over the Internet side. Women’s room or mixed room at the hostel Berlin?

Whether one travels as woman or man, one finds a Hostelzimmer with the suitable room. The hostel rooms at are not the same. On the one hand, the rooms are distinguished between mixed rooms for women and men, but also women’s rooms. All hostel rooms have a bathroom with shower and toilet. The equipment of the rooms is modern with the furniture. As a guest you can always access the free Wi-Fi. Next to the hostel room there is a luggage room. This luggage room can be used by all hostel guests for safe storage of luggage. For hostel guests, the offer of the luggage room has the advantage that you do not have to take luggage with you.

Relaxing at the bar or in the garden of Hostel Berlin

While you can find the hostel rooms of in the upper areas, there is still a large lobby area. In the lobby you will find a bar. Here guests can choose from a wide range of drinks. In addition to the bar area in the lobby, there is also a market for the guests. The garden of Hostel has a size of over 2000 m². This size ensures not only that you have enough space for a beer garden, but also for a barbecue area that you can use at any time and finally still the garden area itself. Here you can sunbathe and relax, especially in the summer. and the other services you can look forward to

Besides the bar and the garden, there is another service that you can look forward to as a guest at the hostel. This service is the reception. On the one hand, the reception is manned by multilingual staff and is available around the clock. This makes arrivals and departures much easier. Another service is the offer of a city map for orientation in the city and a bicycle rental. You can rent a bike at any time if you need one. And whether renting a car or using your own car, offers free parking to its guests.