Hostel Berlin

Hostel Berlin

If you want to have more than just a bed in a hostel, you will feel very well taken care of at Hostel Berlin from Here you can look forward to more than just a bed. The young offers its guests much more, starting with a large bar and a bike rental.

The Hostel Berlin from

Rooms with different beds can be booked at the hostel of via the website. You can choose between rooms with four, six, eight and ten beds. And if you as a woman would rather not sleep in a mixed room, that is no problem at all at the hostel of There are also special rooms for women. All rooms are equipped with a bathroom and modern furniture. As a guest in the hostel of you have free access to Wi-Fi, but also to various facilities. So you can find in a big bar, a market, but also a big garden and a beer garden. And what is not insignificant, especially for the guests of the hostel rooms, is the offer of a luggage room. This allows a safe stowage of their own luggage.

Arrival at any time possible at

The with its hostel has a round-the-clock reception. The staff is multilingual, which is a great advantage for guests from abroad. Just because the reception is staffed around the clock, this of course has great advantages especially when arriving and departing. So you are not tied to fixed times here.

From Hostel Berlin Hostel Berlin to the whole city

If you want to easily reach any destination in the whole city, this is no problem at all at Hostel For one thing, is very well located near the center. So you can easily reach the many universities, but also shopping and sights such as the Brandenburg Gate, the TV Tower or the government district. With the S-Bahn from the Springfuhl stop, you can be in the city center at Alexanderplatz within 15 minutes. Here you can either change to other lines, but also to other means of transport from regional trains to the subway. Due to the convenient location of, you can also explore the city center very well by bike. Here you can rent a bike from the hostel’s bike rental. If you want to drive to the with your car, it is no problem at all. You don’t have to worry about finding a parking space or the cost of it. Guests of as a hostel can take advantage of free parking here.