Application at Please send your application by e-mail to and indicate in the subject line the position you are applying for.

Please send the following documents as a PDF attached: Application letter CV with photo Training certificate Employment certificates of your previous employer (Not applicable to professional starter) Do not forget to provide your contact details and a telephone number so that we can reach you quickly if necessary.

Please apply by e-mail only, if you apply by post, please include a return envelope if you would like us to return your documents to you. Unsolicited applications Was there anything for you this time? Would you still like to apply? No problem, we accept your application and see if there is something suitable in the short term. Please direct your application, curriculum vitae and credentials to and indicate whether you are available to us half-day or full-time. Important note for data security!

We deal confidentially with your personal information. We save your application and all documents sent by you only as long as the job advertisement is up-to-date. After that, we will only save your data if further settings are planned in the near future, so that we may have recourse to your application. If you do not wish this, please inform us explicitly in your application e-mail.

Apprenticeship at At, we still have apprenticeships to become a hotel manager or hotel manager. What do we offer? We offer training with versatile and responsible responsibilities in all areas of the hostel. They are trained in the hostel restaurant, bar, buffet, room service and housekeeping. The tasks at the reception include reservation and booking, reception, advice and care of the guests. Furthermore still belong to the training organizational, commercial and administrative tasks.

What are you bringing with you? At least the medium maturity (MSA) with good grades in German, math and English. Another foreign language is an advantage. It is important to be willing to work at unusual times, stress resistance, punctuality, reliability, confidentiality, tolerance and courtesy. You have a friendly open nature, good manners, a well-groomed appearance. They are service-oriented and able to work in a team, but also dare to do their own work. Do you feel addressed?

We look forward to receiving your meaningful application, preferably by e-mail to together with a CV, photograph, last school report, possibly internship certificates. Student jobs For our in the avenue of the cosmonauts 32, in 12681 Berlin are looking for student assistants to strengthen our team. We need: temporary help at the reception and bar, which are staffed around the clock. Assistance to prepare for breakfast in the restaurant, at the breakfast buffet and to tidy up.

Temporary help to clean the rooms, corridors and common areas. What should you bring? Very good English and German skills are required for the work at the reception. Further foreign language and PC skills are an advantage. Good manners, courtesy, reliability and punctuality are required. You should be open about dealing with people as we accommodate guests from all over the world. The willingness to work in shifts must be present.

Please understand that we can only hire students who are in possession of a valid certificate of study. Apply quickly! If you would like to support us at the hostel, please send your application by e-mail to with a short cover letter, a CV and the valid student certificate. Do not forget to indicate which language skills you have and whether you may already have work experience in the industry. In order to be able to reach you at short notice, if necessary, we absolutely need a phone number, where we can call you. We look forward to a long-term cooperation!

(This is information about hotels in Berlin)