Group hotel Berlin

Group hotel Berlin

Berlin is a modern and attractive city, which is also a popular destination for groups due to its sights. Be it travel groups from abroad, but also groups of clubs or school classes, to name just a small selection. Of course, you also need accommodation when you stay in Berlin. For a group in particular, this is usually not so easy due to the number of people. In addition, other factors often play a role, especially when it comes to group travel, such as costs. Mostly the accommodation should be as cheap as possible. An accommodation that is very suitable for groups in Berlin is the


With its offer, is exactly suitable for groups. Surely some readers will wonder why should be so suitable? It is the peculiarity of the offer that the offers. The is a mixture of a hotel and a hostel. So this hotel has a wide range of rooms. This includes family rooms, but also single and double rooms. And there are still hostel rooms. Hostel rooms come in different sizes, especially with regard to the number of beds. There are rooms with 4, but also with 6 and 8 beds. The hostel rooms are for mixed users, but there are also users exclusively for women. The room offer is a big advantage for groups. There is something for everyone here. If you value a low price, you can take a hostel room. If you travel with your family in a group, you can take a family room. And if you prefer to sleep alone or with your partner, you can take a single or double room. These options, which you have at, are a great advantage.

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The room offer from is only one aspect where it can convince. Especially if you stick to the room offer, they can also convince you with their modern design and furnishings. All rooms also have their own bathroom. And especially for the hostel offer from, there is a separate luggage room. This allows you to stow your luggage safely before theft or loss. In the entire there is free WiFi which you can use. And not uninteresting, especially for groups, are the other options that are offered. These include, for example, a large bar area, a beer garden in summer and a large garden. There is also a barbecue area that can be used free of charge. This is of course also very attractive for groups. And especially for groups from abroad, an advantage at is that the staff are multilingual.

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The is not centrally located, but it is close to the center. The proximity to the center, the is a good 15 minutes from Alexanderplatz, is an advantage. Here you can easily get to the center of Berlin from the hotel by public transport and you will be in the government district and the numerous sights. The Springpfuhl S-Bahn station is in front of, here you can easily get to the center by S-Bahn. There are also opportunities to cross over to other lines and public transport. What can also be an advantage for groups here is the offer from when it comes to bike rental. Here there is the possibility to rent bicycles with which you can then go on excursions. As you can see, there are various options available at